Zoellaa Beauty Review


Hey guys,


So…, if you remember a few months back one of my friends sent me a gift bag, that included a  few Zoella Beauty products as both of us are Zoe Sugg fans, so it was a pretty obvious choice. I’ve tried to avoid writing this post for a long time (you’ll see why), hence why the delay.  


When I first received Zoella Beauty products I was really excited, I mean which Zoe Sugg viewer wouldn’t. The results though, weren’t that good. Let me explain before you, maybe(?) get angry. The products that my friend sent me were the Zoella Ginger Cream, Zoella Hand Cream, Zoella Gingerbread Lip Balm and the Zoella Candy Clutch.


The clutch I love, it holds so many things and looks really cute. Granted I do get terrified of it getting dirty but it’s amazing and super easy for travel.


The other products though, I am not sure what went wrong but the fragrance is not the best. It smells so chemically and this being the gingerbread collection- it smells nothing like gingerbread. Firstly, the hand creams, they work very well they make your hands feel really soft and moisturized. It does feel a little bit tacky for a few minutes after application, it goes away pretty quickly soon and that doesn’t bother me much. The thing that really throws me off is the really chemical fragrance.


The lip balm- oh what do I say. The chemical smell blast is full-on the minute you open the lid. The other problem that I face with the lip balm is that it has white ashy tint to it which is especially prominent on pigmented Indian lips. I have pigmented lips, so it looks pretty weird and tastes pretty weird. Another no-no is the fact is that it is in a tub, I’m more of a tube person.


I wish this wasn’t this way, but it is. I love Zoe, and I wish I could say I love her products as much as the others. I don’t know maybe I got a bad batch or something.



Keep Smiling Always,



Review- Spinz- BB Brightening & Beauty Talc

Spinz- BB Brightening & Beauty Talc

(I wrote this review a while back and I did not take a photo of the product, and now I lost the product, it just kind of disappeared on me. So the picture here is from google images.)

Hey guys, another review here (whoop whoop) I really like doing reviews, if you couldn’t tell. This product is mostly only available in India – unless you decide to ship it to whichever country you are in. Anyways let’s get on with it.

Image result for spinz bb talc

I think this product tried to bridge the gap between a BB cream and a regular Talcum Powder becoming an in between. In India a lot of people use talcum powders, and I think this product took to combining the best of both worlds. Its not as ‘white’ as talcum powder would be and its not greasy as a cream product would be. 


Claims: Instant Glow, Covers Spots and Blemishes.


The box that I have here is a sample size that came with a magazine that my dad is subscribed to. I did see an advertisement to this sometime back but never saw the product in stores. So I was pretty excited to see this when it was there on the dresser. So for a sample, the size of the product is decent.


Packaging: The box is pretty basic and works- that’s all that matters. The colour of the box is like the colour of the powder inside. The photo on the box also has a picture of a compact powder and I’m guessing that’s what they wanted to show (although a BB cream is not foundation). Everything else is pretty cool.


Fragrance: Floral, doesn’t linger around.


Texture/ Look: The powder does have a tint, kind of a sandalwood colour. The feel of the powder is quiet fine and soft and blends out easily.


Use: I mainly use this in my under eye area and I do see a difference as it  does add some brightness to it. I do not use it on my entire face – that’s not my style. It does have very mild coverage, so many spots especially dark spots. This product is also not sweat proof, so for the chennai weather it’s not the most suitable for a staying power. Apart from the sweat- it does stay for a few hours. Apart from that there’s not much of a purpose.


Final thoughts: It’s a good product to try out, especially for a beginner makeup enthusiast. It is a cost effective product, a little difficult to get a hold of but it’s available online for easier availability. It isn’t sweat proof or water proof though.


Keep Smiling Always,



Skincare Haul

Skincare Haul


Hey guys, today I have a haul, well a mini-haul to present to you guys. Recently I have been getting into skincare and enjoying it quite well too. But I am into using highly chemical based products, as let’s be honest that cheap skincare doesn’t isn’t cheap and that which is good is not cheap. So I tend stick to herbal based products. So let’s get started.


Biotique Botanicals Bio Papaya Exfoliating Face Wash

I wanted a face wash that has a bit of exfoliation too. Papaya is also said to be good for the skin with good benefits. Biotique is also a good brand for herbal based products.

Face wash tube
biotique facewash exfoliating papaya scrub


Biotique Botanicals Bio Margosa Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner

Here’s another Biotique product. I don’t have much to say about this apart from the fact that I wanted to stop using harsh chemicals on my hair and go gentle. My parlour lady made homemade herbal shampoos but she’s expensive too. This is much cheaper, so I decided to give it a try.

Green shampoo bottle
biotique botanicals margosa anti dandruff shampoo

Lacto Calamine Skin Balance Daily Nourishing Lotion

My sister had bought this sometime back and I just found it and I wanted to use it and see how I felt about it myself. This contains aloe- which is something I absolutely (7 ways to use aloe in 2017) and Kaolin is also a product that helps the skin stay clear. Also this product helps in oil control and can be used by people who have oily skin.

lacto calamine bottle
lacto calamine skin balance daily nourishing lotion


Banjaras Hair Care Powder – Hibiscus

I have heard my aunts and cousins use hibiscus flower for healthy hair. I wanted to try something as my hair was in a bad condition. In the cities we obviously do not have place to grow plants, which is sad. But thanks to this product I can try to salvage my hair.

banjaras box
banjaras hair care powder in hibiscus


Banjaras 15 minute Face Pack – Gold

The ingredients on the pack look pretty good and natural too. I don’t know I just wanted to give it a try.

banjaras gold 15 minute face pack
Banjaras tube


Kasthuri Manjal (Wild Turmeric/Curcuma aromatica)

I had been using this product before when I was really tanned just after finishing school. Whilst I dont really approve of using this for skin whitening or brightening purposes, this definetly helps keeping the skin blemish free and gives a glow when used for a long period of time. As mentioned before I really want to start using herbal based products or homemade facemasks for skincare because its much safer. So this had to be brought back in the routine.

Let me know what new skin care you are using, leave me a comment down below.

Keep Smiling Always





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Product review – Himalaya Herbals Rich Cocoa Butter Lip Care


Product review – Himalaya Herbals Rich Cocoa Butter Lip Care


Hey everyone, I’m back, I’m back, this time with another product review.

Product claims
100℅ Natural Colours
100℅ Natural Vitamin E
Free from Preservatives, Petroleum Jelly, Mineral Oil and Silicones


A lip balm tube with the name Rich Cocoa Butter Lip Care from the company Himalaya Herbals with the logo. The product is placed on a white background.
Himalaya Herbals Rich Cocoa Butter Lip Care


I picked up this product after having used Vaseline Lip Therapy Coco Butter lip balm. I wanted to try something new at the same time I wanted it in the same coco butter category. Lotus beauty also does one similar to this, if you need more options. I chose this one as it was the most economical- by that I mean that it was the cheapest and had more product compared to the price and quantity of the above mentioned.

Moisture hold- Himalaya Herbals Rich Cocoa Butter Lip Care keeps my lips nourished and moisture for about two-ish hours (I have the world’s dryest lips) ANNNND it is to some extent water resistant too. I often drink water just after having applied lip balm and it’s quite annoying that it just washes away- this one though doesn’t.

Fragrance- I wouldn’t say that it smells purely of coco, but like a mix of coco and like vanilla. It isn’t over powering, you don’t really smell it on you, but it’s nice to have a pleasant smell.

Taste- I feel that lip balms should give more importance to creating good balms with a nice taste as, let’s face it we do eat a lot of it. This one also tastes a bit chemically not repulsively and it doesn’t linger but it’s not a chocolatey taste.

Texture- The balm glides on easily and it does not feel very dense and heavy when worn. It is a thick consistency but you don’t feel the heaviness.

Final Thoughts- It is a really good purchase for the price and it also lasts a good amount of time. If you have massively fry and chipped/ cracked lips, I would advice that you exfoliate and then apply the balm, coz the balm’s not going to glue the chipped bits to your lips. It also forms a nice base for liquid lipsticks that are too drying. I am really liking this compared to the one I had earlier.

Coffee Chats

Life Update

Hey guys, hope you’re all doing well.


I’ve missed this spot. But before I get onto why and where I’ve been this past month, I just wanted to shout out a huge THANK YOU  to the you guys who have taken the interest in following my blog helping me to reach 50 follows.


So now to the story as to why I’ve been MIA this month. This month we were supposed to do an internship which earns us 3 credits for my degree. As a result I was on an internship about 3 hours away from home and in a hostel for the first time ever in my life. This experience has been pretty crazy.


Being three hours away was nice as I could come home on the weekends and have some home cooked meals. But every weekend that I came home in the last month I came back with severe allergies and skin issues which required immediate medical attention and altogether a change in lifestyle.


I intended to blog much more than usual during May, thinking this ‘being away from home’ time would be rejuvenating and help in inspiration. Bhoy… I was wrong. I got off work late and did pretty much nothing other than stare at the empty beds opposite mine in my hostel room. To be the cherry on top, the hostel did not have WiFi. So having my laptop with me like usual to write was not an option. Trust me when I say this all I used to watch from my data connection was Alfie Deyes’ aka Pointlessblog’s daily vlog. That’s pretty much only how much my data would sustain. So forgive me for not blogging this month. God I missed it so much.


I still have one week to complete this internship, then I’ll be resuming to normalcy. If any of you can answer this it would be lovely, would you like to see a room tour of the hostel I was on or a what’s in my bag post as I actually had a handbag that I was using and carrying essentials in it.


Let me know in the comments below.

Keep smiling always


Coffee Chats

Lonely, not so much 

Sat alone, you can hear it coming,

Creeping in, laughter loud and clear

Sucking happiness away from you.

Screaming at it, does no good

Screaming for help, no one hears

Yet you feel yourself getting lost, falling.

A hole of darkness it is

where light is rarely seen,

sounds are rarely heard

yet – it isn’t an empty space.

It’s a packed with people

Too scared to talk or move, enduring

Silently hoping one day this will be over.

You there, smiling

saying it’s in your head

Stop it.

It’s not for attention

It’s not for sympathy

Love’s all we need.


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream | Berlin

Hey guys, how are you doing?

First of all I should apologise to you guys. If you follow me on twitter or instagram, I said that there was something special that was coming up here – but I haven’t done that yet. The thing is, I thought that it would be ready… but it isn’t yet. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it was. I assure you it will be up sometime soon.

Anyways back to the review today. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, at one time I wished to own one of this. Thanks to my friend who kindly sent me one, I am a proud owner of a NYX lipstick. The color I have here is Berlin. It’s a very pretty brown shade. It’s not really the darkest but for my skin tone it’s a darker nude.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream | Berlin
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream | Berlin


Firstly the packaging of the product is amazing. I love the matte black cap and the idea that the entire bottle has the shade that is on the inside makes it so much easier to find it in a mass of lipsticks. The simplicity of the packaging is lovely. The vanilla- ish scent is not too overpowering too and it definitely doesn’t stay- so if that’s what you are worried about, you need not.



I knew liquid lipsticks would be drying but the problem that I had in this was that it chipped within like two hours of wearing. One the outer side the color stays but on in the middle it kind of disappears. If it was a lighter color wouldn’t really show thaaat much, but since the color is obviously seen – the chipping is also pretty obvious.


It dries but it stays for a long time. Touchup is needed.

I hope to try some lighter- but more nude shades and see how that works out.


Have you tried NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream? How was your experience?

Leave me a comment to let me know.

(P.S. my instagram and twitter are in the side- just in case you want to follow me there.)

Keep Smiling Always.



Maybelline the Colossal Volum’Express Waterproof Mascara

Hey guys.

Hope you are all well. I just had a Tusli herbal tea- different experience and it tasted weird. Anyways the product I have to review today is the Maybelline the Colossal Volum’Express Waterproof Mascara.

You get 10 ml in the tube. I got my product on Nykaa on offer time so it was about 350/- or so. Otherwise its 400/-

Firstly the claims,

  • Waterproof mascara
  • Up to 7x more volume
  • Instantly in just one coat
  • No clumps
  • Colossal Brush
  • Collagen enriched formula
Maybelline Colossal Volum'express Waterproof Mascara
Maybelline Colossal Volum’express Waterproof Mascara

Let’s talk about the packaging of the product- it is in the classic yellow tube. This bright colour is really useful if you have a ton of makeup and cannot identify what you want, this bright yellow is perfect for easy identification. This probably makes no sense but I really thought that the writing on the tube would be in purple (I’m a big fan of purple- blue or this colour not so much) but that was the normal not waterproof one, but I understand, its the inside what counts. The tube is chunky which is also nice and I am not sure if the size of the tube adds difference to the amount of the product that you get inside.

maybelline new york colossal volum'express mascara
maybelline new york colossal volum’express mascara

The bristles of the brush – I’m guessing is synthetic fibers. Its nice to use, I mean I really do not find it difficult to get the product on and with the amount that transfers. Of course if you are somebody who uses like rubber fibers or something that is more flexible- you might not prefer it so much.

Volume vs Length : One of the claims on the product is no clumps – but I do sometimes find that there is some clumping that takes place. Although I prefer that slightly clumpy look – to me looks like there’s more volume. There is some length that is added too. Overall I can feel my eyelashes looking a lot more prominent than any of the other ones I have used.

Waterproof: This is no joke on the waterproof part- you can have hot baths and this would still hold up. Some may prefer waterproof, some may not. But the important reason behind why people do not like waterproof is the removal at the end of the day process. I usually use any oil- coconut oil, almond oil; this breaks down the mascara and then you just need to wash your face with your regular skincare.

Overall, if you are interested in a budget friendly, super cool looking mascara this is your to go option.

Let me know if you have tried this before. I would love to know what your opinions are. Leave me a comment below 🙂

Keep Smiling Always,





Handbag Essentials for Summer

        So… summer’s here. And guess what….? The heat’s back in full blast – well not yet actually but we are going to need a serious game plan to survive this heat. On contrary to the rest of the world, summers in India, Chennai for me are not the most romantic. If you have never heard this saying before ‘India has three seasons, hot, hotter and hottest.’ And that’s in no way joke, if the heats manageable the rest of the year, during the summer its another level of disaster. These are some of the things that would help if you had in your bag. 


No makeup – As much as we all love makeup, the heat isn’t the best friend to makeup. As an Indian girl, I can’t really sacrifice on kaajal and eyeliner; but the other a full face of makeup shabang, that can take a back seat. As gross as it sounds your skin needs to breathe and let sweat come out, if you don’t you’ll only be clogging all your pores which would result on bumps and pimples. Reserve the makeup for that special occasion or the evening


 If you absolutely must, go for the bare minimum. You also really do not want your makeup melting through with a full face of makeup.  


The outside is pretty harsh, so you’ve got to make sure that you will be as cool and airy as possible. Here are some things that you might want to carry in your bag to make sure you are safe.


Stay hydrated : Carry a water bottle wherever you go. Even if it’s empty you can refill. Staying hydrated is important to maintain optimum temperature. You also get so many messages on watsapp and other social media to drink enough water to stay away from chicken pox and heat stroke and other such things. The most important remedy to survive this heat is water.

water bottle summer handbag essential
Summer handbag essentials


Wear cool – Cotton is the way to survive in this heat, ditch those jeans and other heat absorbing fabric. Stay away from figure hugging clothes, you need enough room to breathe. Another tip would be to wear light colours and avoiding dark colours would help you stay cool.


Sunscreen all the way – Staying in the sun means getting burnt to a crisp. Unlike the rest of the world we here do not want to get tanned. Don’t harp too much on fairness but it’s important that you keep yourself safe from sun inflicted skin problems. I use the Lotus sunscreen, this has a gel consistency and it seeps through the skin and stay unlike regular cream sunscreens that would wash away with sweat. It also has SPF 50 which is needed for a place like Chennai. Carrying sunscreen with you if possible would be ideal as you can top it up during the day.

sunscreen for skin protection
Sunscreen is an absolute must in the summer


Umbrella – scarf (Dupatta): I started using an umbrella because I started arriving in the peak of the day at like 1 in the afternoon and walking in the sun took a toll on my not only by burning me to a crisp but also draining me out energy completely. Since then carrying an umbrella has become a staple in my bag.

umbrella and scarf
protection from the heat

Scarfs are helpful in helping to prevent radiation reflecting directly on the skin. But this is also an option if you can not really carry an umbrella if you feel it’s too heavy or so.

Perfume: I would not suggest the regular kind of deo or perfume to top on sweat. But if you could get your hands on natural perfumes such as sandalwood oil, youd prefer that so much more. These kind of perfumes/ oils let out more fragrance as you sweat more and the smallest amount is enough to last through the day.

Check out my post from last year on the same topic.

Let me know how the summer where you stay in the comments below.

What are your tips and tricks to survive the heat?

Keep smiling always.




Oatmeal Pancakes

This week I had the kitchen to myself to make lunch – like do whatever I wanted. Instead of doing something like pasta (which is my fave!) I wanted to make something healthy at the same time finding all the ingredients around my house. So I decided to make something using oats. I am not the biggest fan of oatmeal in the usual method using milk and I wanted to make something more creative. I came across this recipe using oatmeal for pancakes but they had egg in it and it was the kind of sweet version. I wanted a savory version- I can’t have sugar as like an entire meal. So this is what I came up with.

oatmeal pancakes
Oatmeal pancakes



Wheat Flour ( 1/4 quantity less than how much oats you take)

Onions – sauted in oil

Salt – to taste

Sugar – a pinch

Oil or butter


Peppermint leaves

Curry Leaves

Pepper Balls


Finely Chopped Green Chilles

Side for eat with 

Idly Podi


If you are taking one measure of oats, you take 3/4 amount of wheat flour using the same measuring cup.

Take a pan or a vessel, and roast the oats until warm. Add these oats in a mixer and blend until powder finish.

Mix the oats and wheat flour in a bowl. Add a bit of cut onions and any of the other optional add ons into the mixture. Add salt to taste and a pinch of sugar.

Add water to the mixture until a it becomes a liquid consistency and not too runny.

Heat oil or butter in a pan, using a laddle pour the batter onto the pan. Wait until the edges turn golden and flip for the other side to cook evenly.

Make in small circles for convenience to flip.

Serve with idly podi

Let me know if you try this out.

Leave a comment down below.

Keep Smiling always