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20 Random Facts (About me)

20 facts about me

  1. ย am a twin- I have a twin sister
  2. I am older by two minutes
  3. I am a capricorn
  4. I love art and crafts
  5. My drawing got featured in our school magazine
  6. The first makeup product that I started buying was a kohl stick
  7. The first lipstick I bought was streetwear pink champagne
  8. My name was chosen by picking up chits- coz my parents were too confused to name which name for whom
  9. I mostly never throw out stuff- like the first fancy chocolate bar I ate I would have the wrapper with me.(weirdo)
  10. I love Shahid kapoor- I have two bags full of his newspaper interviews and just other bollywod stars interviews in the attic.
  11. I went through a phase where I sat and watched only Shahid movies all day during the summer.
  12. One of my dreams would be to have a house facing the sea, and in the house have a room where i could store all my art and crafts work and probably even spray paint it. (like what zayn malik did)
  13. I fell in love with one direction in April of 2014 ( maybe I will write a post about how i began that journey)
  14. I love photography, I should try taking more pictures
  15. I was more of a teacher’s pet in school- I used to talk more to them rather than with my classmates
  16. I was in the yellow house in my school- jyoti house and I loved every second of it
  17. I won an off -stage event in school after having partnered with a girl I just met I was proud that I had done something for my house
  18. Never liked math- used to draw and got taken to the principal’s office for doing so
  19. I am not an animal person
  20. This is one of the hardest things I have had to do

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