Neighborhood Shopping

Hey guys, I hope you guys had a wonderful week and looking forward to a good weekend. I have no idea how the weeks are just literally flying by. I hope you guys had a good fun start to the weekend.(weekend here starts on a Saturday evening until Sunday night)

My weekend started by my mum took my sister and i to dinner in the shops nearby. I must say street food is not always the healthiest food option but it can be the most delicious food available.


After the food we went on a little look around in the shops near by. Sometimes you can find some amazing jewellery at a much cheaper cost. I love this kind of street shopping. You don’t necessarily have to have a lot of expensive jewellery look good. In fact nowadays the simplest jewellery makes the loudest statement.


I bought a pair of gold earrings and a dozen of bangles. I ย love bangles. Both the earring and the bangles have the similar kind of pearl design.DSC01003.jpg

There are two kinds of bangles one with a pearly finish and another just plain gold looks. The earrings match the bangle set and would look great together when worn with a traditional dress. Although I guess there should be more bangles.

The hair ties in the side are what my sister bought. They have a rose gold tone to it with white tiny Rhine stones to it. One is a Hello-kitty design, the other is a crown and the last two are hearts.

Hope you guys have an amazing weekend.

Keep smiling always




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