Top 5 Handbag Summer Essentials

Hey guys,

So summer is just around the corner, well for me here it is boiling hot already and its only mid-march. The sun seems to be burning my skin off. So here are five essentials that I though I should let you know that you could keep as a checklist and carry in your bag. I will not be adding sunscreen in this list as everyone knows that spf is an absolute must. Although it tends to get extremely sweaty here (close to the sea, humidity factors) having spf is entirely a personal choice. SelfieCity_20160314192145_save_20160314195316712

So these would be my five items that you should carry.

Number 1.

Lets start with a water bottle. Staying hydrated throughout the day is absolutely important especially during summer as your body tends to loose a lot of fluid due to sweating. If you have a water cooler in your work place or school/college all you have to do is carry an empty bottle. This way you won’t have much weight either.
If you plan on taking liquids from home you could also try carrying some glucose drink or so, just to get your energy levels up when the sun is wearing you down. Another tip I would give is if you could take a thermos flask with you, that would be great as you could have cold water all through the day.

Number 2.

Napkins or face towels or face wipes. Either one of these are extremely useful when the humidity is full on causing you to feel tacky or just not so fresh. Face wipes especially scented would be amazing choice as you could choose relaxing scent to refresh during a tiresome day. But in the end, just have a piece of cloth with which you could wipe your face after a good splash to wake you up is always needed.

Number 3.

Lip balm or even glycerin. Well at least  for me my lips become extremely chapped during the summer, one of the first signs dehydration. Having a lip balm in that case is handy. Glycerin, I have heard that in extremely hot and dry weathers, you could end up getting a nose bleed so at that time applying a few drops on the inside of your upper lip could prevent this disaster.

Number 4.

Face powder and Kohl stick. A hot day makes us all look extremely tired, having these two makeup products would help in taking away the oiliness and brighten your face almost instantly. I currently use the Maybelline WhiteFresh (I think thats what it is called) and Kohl as we all know just opens up the eyes and at least gives an impression of just being non-tired.

Number 5.

Umbrella. This is your ultimate barrier between the sun and yourself, especially for those who have to stand for long hours in the sun, this helps a lot. I genuinely feel that the sun sucks all the energy out when I do not have a barrier. For those who drive scooters do wear a scarf.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post.

Keep smiling always






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