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7 Final Year Student Checklist

Well as I am in my final year of my Undergrad course, I noticed that it would have been a lot easier if I had a list at the beginning of the year for all the unexpected events. For example you know those minute things, like a good white shirt for your recruitment interview. Had someone warned you before it would have been ready instead of last minute rush.

So here’s a list of things ย that you might need.

Number 1.

Well as mentioned earlier, formal clothes. In my place Chennai formal clothes is ย a saree. If anyone of you has used a saree before you will be aware of the amount of work that goes prior to wearing it. You have to get a blouse stitched, have the fit right, have a correct petticoat and falls in the saree that has to be hand stitched. Ufff…

If you are one of those people who doesn’t have to do so much before wearing a formal suit, you’re lucky. But anyways, having this done way ahead of time is always a better option. You can be tension free later.

Number 2.

Sticking with the clothes category, costume parties and proms are sure to be there in your final year. And they will be more special too as they would be the last for a while. Hence i would say have a rough idea of what you want so that it’ll be easier to shop. Of course everything depends on the theme.

Number 3.

Well with the evolution of smart phones, cameras could have taken a set back as phones are way more handy than cameras. But lets be honest, camera is like an essential for every person in general to collect memories.

Ooh also do not forget to print them out and make a scrap book or photo wall or journal. Be creative guys.

Number 4.

A planner. With the amount of assignments and deadlines a final year student has to meet, a planner always makes it so much more clear as to how much you have on your plate this week.

This would make your life better organized and clear. Get creative with your planners, have them as to-do lists on phones or a big wall where you map out thoughts or just a private journal.

Number 5.

Important documents. Now this can be a whole page of things.

  • school leaving certificate
  • transcriptions
  • identification proofs
  • CV’s
  • writing samples
  • anything else that your asked by your people

Number 6.

  1. I know I mentioned this in the last heading but this is how important this is. Plan your CV, get help if needed. Make it look good at the same time let it look original, authentic.

Also along with CV have photographs ready . You never know when youll need them

Number 7.

Last but the most important thing. Donโ€™t forget to enjoy yourself. Remember all that you can take from these years are memories. So do spend time in creating memories.

Keep smiling always



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