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Anxiety Awareness

Yesterday,  when my cousin, my sister and I were talking and randomly stumbled upon the topic of panic attacks and anxiety. To be honest I do not know a lot about anxiety, but I do know that it is no joke to be dealing with such a problem. My sister on the other hand is on the other side of the court though. She thinks that it is a joke and people just exaggerate what they feel, and she was laughing about it. To the extent that she would not even lend a listening ear to hear what I got to say.

I came to know more about anxiety and its effects only after watching Zoella aka Zoe Sugg’s videos. And I am thankful that I do watch and relate to what she says rather than sweeping it under the carpet saying that they make a big deal out of nothing at all. In a way I cannot blame her completely as there is no education about mental health in our system. So much so that if anybody  visits a psychologist, just for a chat, they term them as mad. This completely infuriates me. I went to a psychologist, just was happy to chat with her on a weekly basis. I was not ill or did not have any problem in that case.anxiety

I do not understand why people are so insensitive to others and how they feel. You cannot just assume that its nothing and they are just faking it. KathleenLights in her recent Kat Chats video spoke about how anxiety affects her life, so much so that she has to limit her life to her house.( she did not explicitly state this but my understanding)

I do not deal with anxiety but I deal with other kind of problems. Recently I have been feeling anxious before exams and that scares me a lot. I also deal with fear. I am not generally scared but anything could just trigger fearing a particular reaction or anything of that sort.

Basically all I wanted to say is that you can never equate your experience with what another person is undergoing. Unless you experience anxiety and stuff like that don’t judge. If you cannot be there for the person, do not at least make fun of them.

Keep Smiling Always


P.S. picture taken from google images (not mine)


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