Easter OOTD

Its Easter time! Today I will be attending midnight mass and that’s the highlight of Easter.

SO during midnight mass we hold candles and renew vows and its just amazing.

Anyways for my first Outfit Of The Day post. I wanted to show what I would be wearing this eveningootd

So this is a kurta and leggings.

This kurta has a bit of jute mixed in it and it looks looks amazing. I bought this during Christmas 2014, so thats a long time back and I just felt I was never ready to wear it until a really special occasion. But I guess the time and come and I have to wear it before it tears or becomes too old. The blue design patch looks heavy but the rest of the kurta is plain. So it balances out. And I am wearing matching blue leggings.

I am wearing white nail polish from maybelline- Porcelain Party 102. I have wanted white nail paint for the longest time and finally bought it, although it is not the most spring time colour.

Lipstick Maybelline Lively Violet.

Jwellery simple chain and earrings. And wedges for shoes.

Happy Easter to anyone out there.

Keep smiling always





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