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Farewell College pt.2

This is part 2 to the Farewell College series. I did not get a chance to do this in school but in college I could use my camera when I wanted. These are pictures from a few places that my friends and I hung out in during free hours and some places where I constantly looked over.

farewell college

This is the roof to our auditorium, it is an outside one. I wanted to take a picture of this, because from my seat in class I could see this view pretty clearly and I have caught myself lost in though thinking of the view from the tip or just within the bars. I do not really know what fascinated me, I know I am weird. Secondly, a couple of days before we could leave, I constantly saw blue butterflies around this tree. I sadly do not have them in this picture, but it was a very pretty sight. This view was also one of the first things I saw in the morning before class, so I will miss it.

farewell college 1

So this is one of our classrooms, actually this was our first year class room. Plain words – Hated it. It was awfully small for a class of 70 students. Once everyone sat in their place, ย you could not move. We survived. For my last semester I came back to this class for my elective paper. The desk near the window was my place. As expected, I would stare out of the window many times.You cant help it alright there’s movement there and here we were locked up. But sitting near the window also gave nice cool breeze.

farewell college2

The maggi station, this was one place where you could always find my friends and I during free hours. To be honest I never understood why we sat there so much coz we always had crow problems and sun problem. But this was a happy place.


That was me saying goodbye to college.


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