How To: Declutter Wardrobe Version

So if you are anything like me, some one who likes to hold on to things a lot, hoping that you will use them some day. This might be helpful.

So basically with clothes, many of us just buy stuff because we find them to be cute or if they are too tight or too loose with the hopes that someday we will become the right size to fit in. This thought of ours causes necessary clutter and often leaves us with no space to bring in newer additions. So here are few steps that you can use

1. Identify your current style

Personal style evolves over time. This means that something that you wore a couple years back would not be something you would choose to wear even today. But you still have them for keeps sake. Time to say goodbye to them.

2.Identify the wear-ables.

Just like the previous idea, you cant wear what you wore when you were younger. You have grown. Either they are too tight or the fabric has loosened and lost its richness. So remove all that is unwearable and empty your wardrobe.

3. Regular use

Admit it there are some clothes that we never reach out for, every time we go in to clean out wardrobe out we leave these in hoping we would someday wear it. Guess what if that hasn’t happened yet, chances are that will not happen in the next year or so too. So push these out too.

4. Keep clothes that have multiple uses.

The clothes that serve us the best are those which we can pair with a number of other pieces. These often tend to be neutrals. Identify those. They are definitely keeps sakes.

5. New for old

Make it a habit that when you buy new clothes, to identify the old ones and at regular intervals send it out. This way you will have space to have fresh pieces of clothing and not make it look over crowded.

Make sure to donate the clothes that you do not use, so that it may be put to a better use by others who are in need of it. Also make sure to give pieces that is reusable.

Have fun de-cluttering.

Keep smiling always.




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