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Valedictory : Farewell College

So this is the last post in this series. I am finally done with college and now looking forward to the future.  So here are some shots from the last event that we were able to attend as students of this college. To be honest, none of my friends and classmates are upset and we are more than happy to be leaving college behind and look towards wider opportunities. Many of my friends are moving to different places where there is so much more freedom.

Events for the Evening

A final evening with friends at college, we really did not care about the order of events, in fact there was a lot of talking going on whilst the program was in progress. Sorry teachers for that kind of rude behavior. But we were all dressed and all of us had some kind of after program plan so, we just could not pay attention. The highlight of the event though was us singing the college song for one last time.

valedictory 2
Events for the Evening

For the last time we will be attending an event at the OAT. This picture was taken after the program so the curtain must have been pushed back. But this picture could not be eliminated, because this was the meeting spot for all the events that were held. A place where all friends met and chilled and the hub of activities.

Candle Procession

One of the highlights of my college is that all the students light a candle and place it at the grotto of Our Lady which is inside the college. It was an eventful walk as there was wax spilling over hands and some disasters, but nothing too drastic. It is for good luck  and blessings that we did the procession so, all is well.


Birthday Celebration

Three of my friends had their birthday in the same month and what better day than to celebrate on the the Valedictory day. Will not forget this to be honest. One of my friends began to tear up and that was nice. The cake was amazing though, chocolaty and delicious. All thanks to Aisu for taking this initiative.

sizzler at zaitoon
Dinner Time!

We all headed to this place called Zaitoon. A new place for most of us. A plus point for that place was that it was a family crowd so we did not look too dressed up. This was a chicken sizzler that was ordered by one of my friends. The food was delicious and worth the pay.

I tried taking more pictures of the food but I had to let everyone else eat too.

Overall a good evening and one to remember. One of the latest I have stayed outside of home and felt exactly where I was meant to be. Gosh I will miss these girls.

Keep Smiling Always




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