Coffee Chats

Cross Roads in Life

Hey guys so this is my first like official Coffee Chats post. So basically I saw this as a tag thing that goes on wordpress and I really liked the idea of it. It would also help to share what happens generally in life and thoughts and stuff. It also would give a wider scope to address different kinds of topics.

Being at a phase where I have to choose what to do next in life, this is plainly stressful. You have everyone telling you what would be the ‘Ideal option’, ‘The safe choice’ and rarely some one asking you to follow your heart. Here careers like art and creative fields are given less importance and value when compared to fields such as engineering or medicine or charted accountancy. Since I do not fall into this category of ‘ideal’ career choices, people tend to push me around to where they think I will do good.

One advice that I would give to anyone like me who is looking  to join any college course, is  follow your heart. Of course being in a society  such as this is following your dreams and ambitions is tough, but all you can do is put up a tougher skin and fight it out. If you don’t you will have to let others choose for you and 9 out of 10 times you will not enjoy what you are doing. I strongly believe that if you love what you do you will have the motivation to prove yourself and create a name in the industry that  you love. Every course will have its ups and downs, they are all tough, but having something that you love makes it so much more easier.

In case you go into to something against your choice, accept the situation. You may not like what you are pushed into and you do not need to also, just accept the idea that this is going to be your life for the next few years. That makes it a whole lot easier.

Find time to pursue your other passions outside of college. It is hard to find a balance but pursuing other passions will help you remain sane in your insane world. Its will help you keep a balance.

Think of the positives. You may be the youngest when you finally join a course that you desire but whilst those others are kids who are fresh out of school, you would be doing your second under grad course or so. This makes you more experienced and understanding of the ways of the world. Relax though it is not the end of life.

The world seems to be closing on me with these decisions that I have to make. I am trying to keep up with updating this blog as it would give me a chance to regularize activities. It would also motivate me to do other stuff.

The only thing I can hope for is that I take this suggestions myself and deal with the next few years.

Keep Smiling Always



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