Weekly Photo Challenge : Dinnertime

Last night when I was having dinner, ย I had an instinct that I should take a photo of the meal. To be honest it was one of those meals that we have at least once a month and everyone in our family waits for this. Its like a standard thing you know? And plus because it was a yummy meal, I could use it someday for a blogpost. But I stupidly pushed that instinct away and tucked into my dinner. Just after I finished dinner I see this challenge pop up and to say I was upset with myself would be an understatement. So this morning we had the leftovers of yesterday’s dinner and the first thing I did was to grab my camera to take a photo.

Pav Bhaji with a slice of lemon

The Pav is a kind of bread and the Bhaji is like potato mash with masalas.

This is a part of the weekly photo challenge

Keep Smiling Always



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