Coffee Chats


Well for starters today I don’t have coffee today but tea. I love coffee but today I went for tea.ย coffee chats tea

Today’s evening snack was cake and tea. Kind of an odd combination as tea is sweet and cake is also sweet. But individually they both tasted really good.

I just wanted to give a mini review on these cakes. They are by the brand called Winkies, which is such a cute name and this was in the flavor chocolate. My mum bought this from the stores the other day and it was literally over in a matter of minutes. The minute you open the packet the aroma fills the room and it feels like good chocolate.. you know? The cake is already sliced and they are big chunky slices. I don’t know if you have seen this but some cakes have really thin slices and its like they want to show that they have a lot of slices with lesser quantity. Also the cake itself, is so finely packed, each granule is so close is the other makes the cake so dense. Overall it is a delight to eat it and for the price, Rs.30; completely worth it.

The tea is something I make every evening for my family. I don’t drink it myself coz I really don’t like something so watery. Let me know if you want the recipe to the perfect (almost) tea. Over the years I have gotten better at making it and quite proud of it though. One thing I’ll tell you if you are from London or so, the tea here is very different from what I have heard.

This week for me has been quick and a drag at the same time. I am on holiday now so, there are no fixed timings to get up, no rush to get ready and no where to be. Although I thought that I would get an internship or so, but that didn’t happen as I got rejected in the others and one got back and then interviewed me and then didn’t get back. So I am kind of stuck at home. I am not liking it a lot. It is burning hot outside so that’s kind of a plus point to not work, but I thought I’d be able to earn a little. Sadly that isn’t happening now. Next month is application time for my Post Grad courses. Hope that goes well..

How was your week guys hope you had a lovely week and an amazing start to your weekend.

Keep smiling always



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