Coffee Chats


I tried making a heart with coffee powder… Didn’t

Hey Guys,

Hope you are all doing well. How is the weather in your country? It is spring in some countries and summer is starting in some countries. I hope you guys are enjoying being n the sun. If you would prefer more intense, sweaty heat; you are absolutely welcome to visit India. The summer here just gets too crazy. Its way too hot to do anything. Just to give you an idea it touches upto 40 degree celsius in most parts of the country. So summer here for us is a really sad time to be honest.

Anyways, I was wondering, how many of us over here love coffee? I think a majority of the people in the world love this beverage right. But it struck me that in every place we have our coffee so differently that when we say coffee, what does coffee actually mean? From my understanding of watching PLL(Pretty Little Liars) many like it black, just coffee with water. That’s intense. I have rarely seen people add milk or as you would say cream to concentrated coffee mix. Or even if they would add it would be very little.

My perfect coffee would be strong, but entirely with milk. I do not prefer watery tea or coffee for that matter. With a little bit of sugar, just enough to even out the bitterness. My experience with black coffee would be an after phase, which came after watching Shahid Kapoor’s interview where he described his perfect coffee being black with two sugars(hopefully I am right) this was from a long time back. I began drinking black coffee, following the steps of my favorite star. To be honest I do not think I ever became too addicted to drinking it that way. It was always way too hot and I would burn my tongue, I preferred cold coffee, especially with the heat over here drinking something hot on a hot day was just not in the agenda. And then I also happened to realize was that I did not fancy tea a lot was due to amount of water it contained. So that was the end of my black coffee days.

Overall coffee is just an amazing thing. On the contrary to people becoming high on coffee, it does nothing to me. I can drink loads of coffee and still fall asleep the next second.

So guys what is your coffee take/style.

Also guys… as I am writing this I just read that HARRY STYLES DONATED HIS HAIR!!! I shall do a separate post on that. But right now this information has to settle down. Let me know if you like One Direction and what were your reactions.

Keep Smiling Always.



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