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24 , A Movie Review


This Suriya staring sci-fi movie takes tamil films from this genre to a new level. The story in simple words can be said as a few people trying to manipulate time for their own well-being. The director has used the popular human fascination to be be able to time jump or control time and created a simple story with complex characters. Suriya stands out as he yet again plays not only another twin pair but also a son.

The director has worked very well with the design team which results in creating an alternate universe for the audience. The opening scene showing the castle shows the dreaminess and fairy tale element that the director wanted to retain throughout the film. This almost sets the tone for the movie, fairy tale like story. Yet the character of Athreya  proves that every fairy tale requires a good villain .

Athreya is a character well played and could be one of the special ones played by suriya in the span of his career. Athreya is not driven by money or any materialistic needs but just the pure need for the possession of a super natural capacity of time travel. This is ranked above his value for human life which leads him to murder mercilessly. The character of Athreya, stands out where he impersonates his brother in the future trying to win the heart of his nephew(technically). Here it can be seen as pure experience in pulling off Athreya impersonating Shivkumar but at the same time retaining that evilness of his parent character. The character of Athreya is also someone who shifts from drop dead gorgeous good looks to wheelchair paralyzed look. This transition is also done fairly smoothly with the coordinated work of the makeup team and the actor himself.

The other two characters played by Suriya are straightforward and much less complex in story line to Athreya’s characterization Shivkumar is a scientist who loves what he does and somewhere wants to contribute to one of the greatest inventions of mankind, a time travelling machine. He is happy with his wife and son and all of what you can expect from a basic scientist. Mani is a happy go lucky kind of guy upon whom this responsibility of protecting the watch suddenly dawns upon. He is this regular next door guy who takes up this device to have a bit of fun in his love life, nothing too dramatic. His character shifts from playfulness to seriousness in a blink of the eye.

The female characters in this film are not challenged with much dimension expect for Saranya who as a young girl decides to leave home to care for another’s child. Samantha is your typical female lead who adds to the entire package to increase cuteness to the film (ain’t her fault though). Nithya Menon in the film appears for a very short time, shorter that what the audience would have liked to see her. Needless to say the film is controlled solely by the male characters.

The director definitely leaves a number of questions unanswered through the course of the film. The fact that an ordinary watchmaker could make an improved design of the watch that his father, a scientist took a very long time to create is rather funny. And this kind of trait cannot be passed just through blood.
Another question that the director leaves unanswered is the actual motive behind the creation of the time travelling device. There is no prior story to this or what they want to achieve after this invention. The audience is just shown that this could cause danger in a untold way.

The audience are also left clueless about the reason behind Athreya’s evilness. His motives or past life is not shown leaving a mystery that has to be unfolded by the audience.

Above all  the presence of the eagle is an big question. Eventually when you see the movie it is understood that Shivkumar also has not made the watch rather it is due to the eagle feather that dropped in the solution. The involvement and the presence of the eagle is questionable.

The director must be applauded for number of songs  he decided to include in the film. Or at least the songs were weaved in so effortlessly that they did not feel unnecessary.

Overall the movie is a good introduction into effortless depiction of sci-fi movies into the tamil industry.

Keep Smiling Always.



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