Maybelline White Superfresh

maybelline powder

Hey guys,

So this is a review on Maybelline’s White Superfresh compact powder. I have had this product for a while now (6 months) it is only over this time that I could decide if I liked this product or not. ย I know that it is a very long time, but being a beginner in beauty and things related beauty, it took this amount of time.

To start with, this product is extremely affordable in comparison to other brands out there. Therefore it is a budget friendly product for the regular college going teenager. The product is priced at Rs. 150/-.ย You get 8g in the pack. (good)

Firstly, if you take the packaging is very nice with the white finish and the brands name on the outer cover. The first thought that came to me was it looked like a white marble. To me if I took it to college and just randomly pulled it out, it looked good. All good for the price.

maybelline powder2

This is what it looks on the inside. The mirror is good, it not being a really small one but a correct purse mirror size. You can see that I hit pan, I hit pan a long time back. I think my sister just put a little too much pressure when she used the sponge and that was where the pan hitting started.

Firstly I purchased this because my mum uses talcum powder and I really do not like that. But I have combination skin, so I needed something that took the oiliness away. Initially when I used it, I used a big brush to apply it. This gave me a light matte finish. But only later did I realize that the sponge gave me much better coverage. And to top it off, it did not look like I had packed on anything.

I am in the shade Coral.It is the second of the three shades that are available. Since it is made specifically for the Indian population, I think within these three shades itself you can find a decent one for yourself. That being said, having more options would always be better

Now coming to the cons, The product says 12hr Whitening giving a fresh and fair appearance. This country has to stop being so obsessed with ‘white’ skin. Embrace what you have.
The fresh look does not last that long, in my opinion. With the humidity in Chennai, the test of the oil and sweat absorbing factor is put to the ultimate test. Unfortunately it does not pass it. I do not know if it is for me or anybody also feel this but I sweat a lot when I have this on.
Its good when you are inside a closed cool place, but in the outside heat this just does not hold good.

To conclude I would say that I have got a few compliments about looking fresh when I wear this and it looks good for occasions like weddings and other short time events. To expect the 12hr staying power, is not realistic.

Keep Smiling always.





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