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Girl Online : Review


If any of you are Zoella aka Zoe Sugg viewers, you are in the right place. Ever since she announced her First book Girl Online I wanted to read it. Two things stopped me from doing so, 1. I was not sure how the pricing would be in the Indian market and if it would be available 2. I do not read much myself. So with these things looming large,  the thought of ever trying to search an e-copy or anything of that sort never occurred. As most of us are aware the book also became a scandal ( I am not sure what it was about) but again there are sources who just like to pick on others who are doing well for themselves, none of which I want to address because when I read it, it was in support of Zoe and her efforts.

As you may know I am not a person who reads much, in spite of being a literature student. To me reading was only was what I had done when I was younger or what was prescribed to me in college syllabus, something which for the most part was heavy with a lot of full lines and pesonally difficult to understand. I grew to hate having to read books.

If you have been watching Zoe’s channel you will be aware that  Zoe’s book club picks are out. It only took that video(kind of) to make me understand that I wasn’t reading what I liked and to be honest, did not quite know what I liked. From this video what I took back was that I like reading Young Adult literature or Fiction, not quite sure what its called. To me at least the recent books that I have read in this genre are light hearted and easy going college romances. No complications. So I took one of the books from the eight picks and read it. Guess what, I really liked it and enjoy reading it too.

So that’s when I decided to give Girl Online a shot. Let me be honest with you guys here, i got a free copy in an e-book format. I know this is not the best way of showing support to someone you admire, but with the above said reasons, an e-book was the best option. I know, guilty, sorry.

So having done with the introduction, lets talk about the book. When I got the copy of the book, I saw the page numbers and it was long. So naturally I never thought that I would finish it in a week let alone finish it in the speed I finished it.

The book to me stood out in friendship and bringing light  the often brushed problems faced by teenagers. The book gave me so much more insight into anxiety, than any other article, anxiety guide manual could ever provide. Anxiety was one of the things that learnt was a serious issue faced by youngsters and people around the world, yet it is looked own upon or not given the importance it has to be given. So Penny and Noah taught me it was alright to be anxious, but not alright to let anxiety to overrule you. My guess is that the techniques that Noah teaches Penny in order to deal with attacks is something that Zoe also uses in real life, so that all of those who suffer the same may find some sort  of relief too.

I loved Penny and Eliot. I mean who wouldn’t want an attic room and secondly who wouldn’t want a best friend next door with whom you could share knocking-codes. They are just the #friendshipgoals kind of people. Someone to hold you in your lowest moments and someone to laugh at your craziest jokes and someone who would join hands in cursing/talking behind their back of evil people. The milkshake scene was the best.

In line with Penny, it was lovely to get to read her blogs.Being in the  shoes of a beginner in the blogging world, Penny  taught me that,its literally alright blog about anything, write from your heart kind of vibe. These blogs in a way took me back in time to when Zoe started her blogs and that kind of style of writing. In a way I was able to connect Penny to Zoe and it felt that you always knew her from the start.

Being the internet sensation she is, Zoe has decided to add in some Youtube- famous drama in this book. Noah shows how you can ‘know’ the person, yet really not know them. Which is how YouTube to an extent works like, I mean You know about the person, but you don’t really know the insides of the life, all that other that what they choose to share. To me Noah is your average guy who rose to fame with his amazing talent yet stays uncorrupted by the worlds ways.

I do not want to address if this book was something that is meant for serious reading or so but all I want to put forth is that this book takes you through the journey of a teenager who meets her first love and helps deal with life. It is something that you should enjoy reading and have a laugh.

After Meg says favorites in which she mentioned this book, I felt it was necessary to address the fact that this book presents to be a guideline for the younger-online generation, where you can see the effect of the online world on a young adult.

Hope you find a chance to read this book.

Keep Smiling Always.



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