Current Favorites 2016

Hey guys, this is my first favorites post.
Just a disclaimer, I do not think this would be a monthly thing, that’s why its a current favorites.But for the most part these are the things I have been liking in the past month and still liking them.

First up in beauty; now to be honest Chennai does not give much of an option apart to go with makeup on, for two reasons 1. the terrible humidity 2. the people would stare like you appeared from mars. So I do not really wear makeup any time. But apart from that here we are always obsessed with looking naturally flawless (societal expectations, just too much). I try, (only just started) take the effort to make my skin looking healthy and fresh.
This is a face wash that I got last month or the month before that, I am not too sure. Anyways this was bought for my dad, as he just wanted something inexpensive. To be honest I never thought I would be reaching for this over my trusty Clean and Clear scrub, but times have changed. This is in the scent neem and it just smells so fresh and the scent itself is so good to rejuvenate you from a tired day.

this is the Reliance Skin 123 Naturals Face Wash.The consistency is gel like and I guess it does not foam much(I have my eyes shut while washing my face…lol) But it does not leave your skin feeling dry and feels really moisturized. Also I have been using this for a while now and my skin feels absolutely fine, if not a little more softer than usual. The product has not broke me out nor has it left me oily.SO overall for me its a thumbs up to this product, mainly because of how fresh it smells.

current faves16current favor16

Another product that is more of a necessity in the summer here in Chennai and thus why it will become your favorite is the Nycil Cool Herbal with neem and pudina. This powder is like saving grace for the hottest days. After you put it on, just give it like two minutes and you will feel so cool and icy all in the place where you put it. This powder also helps the sweat control, I have surely felt a little less sweaty when  I have this on. In my opinion, this is the only fragrance that gives such a refreshing feel in comparison to the other ones. Have this as a trial pack in your handbag, you’re good to go.

Another one in the beauty category, a hair product. I have had bad hair for a really long time. So now I knew it was high time that I did something to rectify this situation. I went to my local parlor and she makes herbal homemade products. She suggested that I try out the shampoo and leave in conditioner that she makes. I wouldn’t say that it has great smell, but I have come to liking it and finding it relaxing. Also guess what, my hair fall has reduced so much. I do not know if the conditioner is doing anything coz I do not find my hair any softer or any different. But the shampoo works.

current fav16


In the food category, I a biscuit that I have absolutely fallen in love with, pretty much my entire family loves this biscuit. Its the Unibic Choco Ripple Cookies….. Usually Unibic makes amazing biscuits, you can feel the goodness and the fresh quality in every bite. This biscuit is also pretty much the same, but add that it is in the flavor chocolate and it also contains tiny sugar molecules in between them for the extra sweetness. The sugar granules really add a bit of surprise in every bite.


Two drinks that I would suggest that I have been loving is the very popular Tang is the flavor orange. Again it is very fresh and refreshing on a tired hot summers day. I am pretty aware that this is  not a 100% natural flavoring but its the closest and so good.

Another one is Iced Tea. Now you could go over to a shop and get the powder and  just add cold water to get this, but what I did a couple times was take loose tea leaves and boil them to form black tea and add a little extra sugar coz you kind of want to be on a light sugar high. Add a little lemon juice to the mix and pop the bottle/ bowl in the fridge to cool. I am not giving you measurements here because, it didn’t work for me. You just have to go a bit of back and forth until you are happy with what you have left.

In entertainment, I watch way too much YouTube. Towards the last of the month, Zoella aka Zoe Sugg released her new range of products called Sweet Inspirations. I wish we could get them in India and I wish that the exchange rates were much affordable. Anyways I found this channel called Meg Says. She is honestly one of the sweetest people out there. She literally takes the time to reply to every comment or tweet and many times even has a small chat with the viewers. She has such a calming voice and if youve noticed the appearance of the blog having changed a bit, it was because I got a teeny bit inspired by her. I am constantly going to her channel coz its so relaxing.

In tv series I have been re-watching the episodes of The Originals. But lately they seem to have changed the times so I dont watch it anymore. But can we just take a minute to love Elijah please. He is just perfect. I love all the characters but a little of soft spot for Elijah.

I guess thats it for now. What are your current favorites? Let me know by leaving a comment.

Keep Smiling Always



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