Hair Lessons

Let me tell you one thing, curls always want straight and straight always wants curls. That’s the way of the universe, and so be it. Thanks to the wonderful innovation of straighteners and curlers we can have both. That’ amazing isn’t it?

frizzy hair
A kind of representation of how my hair was.


For months I have wanted to have straight hair and smooth hair which looked kind of okay when left loose. About a year ago Tresemme, had this offer of a free mini hair iron with a big bottle of shampoo. The day I found that offer, the entire shop could see how excited I was to buy that. So naturally when we got home, my sister and I tried the iron, it didn’t work- it was heating up but my hair was getting more damaged, but not better looking. For a while I tried to use it before coming to know that I require these things called heat protectant and serum. Being on a college budget does not give you too much of a choice other than to leave all of this and just go along with the dry frizzy hair. No matter how many friends I asked suggestions on how they did their hair- they just seemed to hair lovely hair leaving me looking like the ugly duckling.

So anyways I just went with cutting my hair to manage it. But even with that after a few washes the frizz came back. I do not understand one thing, why do good products have to be so expensive. If they are more economical more people will buy it and they will have more sales right? But pricing it higher they are restricting access to a minor bunch in the society.  So anyways back to the hair story.


Recently I had visited my local stylist/parlor (that’s how we call it here) where I consulted her on tips to reduce hair fall. She suggested a shampoo that she made- herbal one along with a conditioner. So I tried it, must say that the hair fall sure reduced. It was mentioned in my current favorites But the frizz did not stop. So I decided it was time that I got a really short-ish hair cut.


When I went in for it, she refused to do a really short one saying that it would not suit me. So i had to go for whatever she decided to do with my hair. During the process I noticed a couple of things

  1. Use lukewarm water whilst washing – it helps the hair follicles opening up and absorb the nutrients the shampoo provides.
  2. Work/Massage the shampoo in – in similar lines with the first point, you are helping the shampoo do better to get better absorbed by the hair.
  3. Do the same with conditioner
  4. Rinse with warm water
  5. Before finishing give a cold water run through- I have heard with the cold water rinse you kind of lock all the moisture inside and that leads to having a shine.
  6. Ring out excess water and let it dry naturally- ruffling through wet hair can only cause more damage than you can imagine, so ring it out gently. On the drying part, at least 85% of the water. This in a way also makes your drying/styling process so much easier.
  7. Serum- after your hair is at a damp state make sure to use serum to give your hair the protection it requires from drying up and this also makes the hair look shiny.

After I had my haircut, she set my hair and it felt soft. I then bought the serum that she made. That serum was the game changer in my hair routine.

Stay tuned for next post which will be on my current hair routine.

P.S. the picture is not me. I took it from google images.

Keep smiling always



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