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Rainy Week

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The past week or so, Chennai has been blessed with beautiful climate which rains in the night but not so much during the day, yet at the same time just enough to not let the sun shine through. Although we should be thankful about for the rain, as we are a parched land for the most part we still decide to curse and complain about it. So today I want to identify some reasons why we hate the much needed rain so much.


1.Slushy Roads

It does not matter if it rains for hours together or five minutes at the minimum, you can find water stagnating all over the city. The water is a combination of sewage, dirt on the road and all the possible excretes from the human and animal body. I know this is a very ugly picture to ย imagine but itโ€™s the truth. I do not understand what is the idea behind building such roads.


  1. Insensitive Bikers/ drivers

In coherence with the first point, many bikers and drivers remain insensitive to the pedestrians on the road. They love to go in the full speed possible, drenching the poor pedestrians with the disgusting water on the sides of the road. Have a little respect! If you have taken the effort to get ready to head off to an important meeting so has the other person. You do not have to make the other person’s life more difficult by staining and exposing them to all the germs possible.


  1. Cold Cold Cold.

Chennai has this tendency, or could be some really scientific reason not too sure, to get chilly with the onset of rain for a couple of days. And you will find the people who were complaining of the scorching heat complaining about the cold also. We just cannot appreciate the few chilly days that we get without having to go to Shimla.


  1. Humidity

This could also be a really scientific reason, but many times there is humidity along with the cold-ish weather. This makes the place stuffy and closed, like unable to breathe kind of scenario.


  1. Clothes problem

Since we dry most of our clothes in the natural dryer aka the sun, when it rains most of us are in a fix over our laundry schedules.

SO hows the weather in your country? Are you a sun person or a rain person?

let me know? Leave a comment.

Keep Smiling Always



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