Chocolate Biscuits!

I am back with a food-ish post.

I am a massive biscuit person. I love them. I can eat a whole load of biscuits at one go. I know they are the unhealthy choiceโ€ฆ but it’s so good. SO without any further adieu I want to show you these two biscuits that I recently tried.


Gooday Chunkies.


These are your chocolate chip cookies. When you bite into them, you can see that its the gooey kind, it’s different from the ones I have had before. I was really excited to try this as I always saw them on the shelves in the supermarket aisles because of how expensive they were I always left it. My mother, the other day got them at a discount so she bought two.

Something that put me off, was that for the price they didn’t even have six biscuits- they had five. I know that it isn’t a big difference, but I cannot remember the last time I had a biscuit with such packaging. Se technically the entire pack is Rs.30/- which makes a biscuit Rs.6/- which seems a bit too much. Also on the packet it says melting chocolate chips. Although there were chocolate chips, I did not feel them melty whilst eating the biscuit.
Final note: I really like the biscuit, but if the price was a little less it would be nicer.


Hide&Seek choco rolls


This one my entire family loves…. I have no idea how much this costs since my mum found it on offer, I think it was like buy 2 get 1 free types. But regardless, this is sooo good. Its these little pillow shaped biscuits, filled with chocolate gooeyness inside. If you can see it is shown that it kind of spills on the outside, the first thing my father thought was that it was a gimmick. But surely it wasn’t. Another thing was that this is the kind of biscuit that you must have as a dessert or a relax munchy at the end of a hard day.

Also I just looked at the package, it costs Rs.25/- for six biscuits. I guess for the goodness it’s completely worth the price.

Final Note: You must try it for and relish the chocolate.

Do you guys like biscuits? What are you favorites?

Keep Smiling Always



One thought on “Chocolate Biscuits!

  1. Mmmm hide&seek…. one of my favorite ๐Ÿ™‚ ….. when coming back from home after vacation, atleast one packet will be there in my bag… they are sooo yummy ๐Ÿ˜


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