Hair Routine .pt2

In the last post I spoke about the things I learnt in my recent parlor visit. This is how I applied in my hair care routine and it has made a huge difference in the way my hair feels and the texture.


Disclaimer, some things may overlap from the last post.



Two things that I have noticed are

  1. My hair is the softest that it has ever been
  2. It does not dry out as quickly as it used to.


So a couple of products that I use on my hair are

1.Coconut oil/ almond oil- Sometimes it’s a mix sometimes it’s not. But to me personally, oiling hair is important as it nourishes the hair. Of course some may think that you do not need moisture for oily hair, but i guess it’s the opposite effect. Also I think Olive oil is way better than Almond oil, so do your research as to which is the best for you.

2.Herbal Shampoo- Herbal conditioner- Herbal serum. All these three products are made by my stylist. So I cannot give you suggestions on where you would find them. But I will surely urge that you guys shift to using herbal based shampoos other than the usual chemical based ones. Another advice or tip that I can give you is that Do Not expect the herbal shampoos to froth too much. Also know that Froth is not equal to Clean hair.

3.Garnier Fructis Serum

4.Hair iron.

So as naturally I oil my hair at least 30 minutes prior to washing, but if I can get it over night that’s the best. You may want to put a towel on your pillow in order to prevent oil stains.
Next step is washing my hair in lukewarm water, this enables the hair to absorb the goodness at the same time opens up hair follicles to receive the same.

I tend to wash my hair first and then apply conditioner and let that soak in while I finish my bath.

After the final rinse, I rinse it once thoroughly with cold water to close the follicles and also add a little shine to your hair. I guess it also gives a bit of relief from the hot water.

I let my hair dry out naturally, first by helping it by ringing out all the excess water. Then I  wrap a towel round my hair and after a few minutes, I take it down and let it dry.

At a semi-dry/ damp state I apply the serum/s.

After a quick blow dry, I (attempt) to straighten it.


At the present this is what I do when I wash my hair. I do not wash my hair everyday. For the most part I try washing it three days once or so. Too much washing can also damage hair. Beware.


Apart from this, eating right is so necessary for healthy hair.


Keep Smiling Always.


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