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Are we going old school?


I write this in an attempt to also help those women who suffer from painful periods and are unaware that the toxins in chemical pads could be causing more damage.

Recently in other countries there has been this sudden rise in the use of cotton pads. Basically if you are unfamiliar with the concept, as the title goes, it is cotton as in cloth compressed in quite a few layers to protect leakage. So why the sudden boom you ask… with the growing need to become eco-friendly more people are making the choice to go natural.

cloth pads


To be honest in a way this has been the age old method of collection of menstrual blood. I still know people who follow this method, my mum followed this until she got married until thirty years back. The difference would be that they used old rag cloth or any old clothes and today we have a modern way of having cute pictures with advanced technology.


From personal experience from when I started my period, I have always used pads. To be honest, I never knew any other method until literally two years back.  The only other method I knew was the cloth method that my aunt still uses. I found it extremely gross. So we always went with the pad method. My mum has shared her experience with me over the years from the time when she used cloth pads- not a very pleasant experience I must say.


The reason for it not being very pleasant is that, they used any bit of rag cloth- which often caused rashes. Even today many women in the third world developing countries who do not have access to pads or cannot afford to spend so much money on women’s needs. The sad part is that these women use unhygienic articles like leaves or cement bags (or so i heard). The second aspect of using cloth pads is the embarrassment that comes along with it. Since the topic of menstruation and periods are still a taboo in the society by and large, women who use cloth as a method of collection face the embarrassment of having to wash and dry them out in public. For this to change education is required.


The difference in the commercially sold cloth pads is that they are cotton and made for the very purpose, hence it lasts longer and does not provide any rashes and irritation.  The homemade ones are not ideal for the purpose- being the cause for rashes and other infections.

Pros of using cotton pads


  • They are reusable
  • They are not chemically treated- hence no toxins
  • Economical
  • Eco friendly
  • No rashes and other chemically caused problems


Cons of using cotton pads


  • You need to wash them- you may find them different
  • Need to carry used pads in bag


Lets face it the cons surely overtake the pros. Of course you may argue that cleaning is weird; you will get used to it. Plus from what I have heard it is not that bad. Also it is not something dirty. The main aspect that would draw me towards shifting is the chemical and toxins factor. Using cotton or the natural way is so much healthier to our body, plus you can also prevent serious problems like cancers that can be caused by the long usage of pads. Secondly they prevent rashes- I mean it couldn’t get more attractive.



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