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Reaction to Zayn’s Fan art Appreiciation

zayn artzaynThese are two drawings done by fans.  Zayn has transferred them to a canvas and sent a hand written note

I saw this last night and I felt it was one of the most beautiful ways in which one could encourage other young artists to follow their passion. This takes me back to the old days of  One Direction from the second album, when they had a live stream where they showed a few art works to the boys and if you see closely Zayn takes many of them to have a closer look and appreciates the effort  put in by the artist. The next big thing that Zayn had done in this way is creating a fanart album and adding not only submissions but also the ones where he was tagged in (at least this is what I have read off). I don’t also think a lot of people know this but, there was once this artist who tweeted Zayn asking him to notice his drawing and Zayn not just noticed but also kept it as his twitter dp for quite sometime. To me what makes this act even more special is that Zayn is an artist himself and he knows the effort that goes behind each drawing, so taking time to appreciate that is quite special.


This could be nothing for some, but for aspiring artists it means the world. Selecting the pictures and getting them on a canvas with a personal message takes thought, time and effort.


Zayn you are amazing and thank you for reaching out to your fans and making them feel special.

Keep Smiling Always


p.s. these pictures were taken from google images, but I saw them first on instagram and twitter.


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