Girl Talk

Therapist Issues

Let’s make this a known fact; Mental health is important, Talking is important. Listening is important.



The above picture is like a literal representation how a therapists’ office is due to the stigma. Growing up especially in the last few years of school were tough for me; I hated the subjects I chose, I hated the class I was in, I did not have my friends in the same class; basically an entire change of environment from the previous years. Thankfully I met this amazing person who helped me through though those two years. She visited my school every week as a counsellor but more of a friend to whom I went and spoke. To me, I never thought that it was wrong that to see someone else and ask for help. I did not think that I had some grave problem- I needed a solution; a solution to be happy.


Society imposes this stigma upon us, saying anyone who visits a therapist has a major problem. This has to change. Because, it’s ok to take your problems or issues to another person outside the so called โ€˜comfortsโ€™ of the house. I call it as so called because if you feel ashamed or scared to share what you feel, that isn’t exactly a comfort zone, is it?


We have to understand and know that those people are meant for the purpose, they learn for this and they meet people every single day who are similar to you.


Another thing you have to take note is that, they are not there to give you a solution. They are there to help you arrive at a solution. They give you ideas and ways on how you deal your life and take your steps, they are just there to help you make better choices. Even if they did give you a solution, it is in your hands if you decide to implement in it.


At the end of the day, in my opinion having a therapist is like having a talking journal or diary. It’s just nice to talk to some other person and get their views. Just like how sometimes we need a hug to cure a dull day, talking could be the cure.


Feel free to leave your stories and experiences.

Keep Smiling Always




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