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Celebrating Ezria Proposal

Back in 2014, I began watching Pretty Little Liars, the first TV show that I became obsessed with; at that time I watched it to keep myself occupied during the summer vacation. PLL was about four seasons old then. Now it has gone into the seventh season with a very exciting- much awaited scene/episode- The Ezria Proposal. I am a Haleb girl but in my opinion every couple is perfect and close to PLL lovers. And one of the biggest moments on the show and is when Ezra proposed and an even bigger, much special moment is when he re-proposes. Ezria is one couple that I  thought would not survive or rather get nasty because of the student-teacher relationship but it was nice to see that there was none of that nastiness going on rather the relationship developed on love and care for the other.


So in order to celebrate Ezria proposal here are some of my favorite moments from the past years.


  1. Ezra Proposes for the second time.

This one is more special than the first one and I guess you would agree as, Ezra proposing without knowing what happened is cute but accepting her problems as his (in a way) and getting into this willing just makes it so much more better. Also how many of were waiting for this to happen since the day at the bar.

ezria proposal


  1.  The first meeting

This was the thing that lead us to the final proposal. If Ezra hadn’t asked how she was,we wouldn’t have had all the lovely Ezria scenes. Although first introductions/ meetings could go terribly wrong, Ezria’s is like a dream, in which you can only hope to meet a cute guy at a bar and turn it to be something so much more meaningful.

ezria first meeting

  1. Wear Me…

  Who doesn’t like a girl who makes a move in asking for a date that too one when shes willing to go on the edge. The thing I like about the scene is seeing Ezra squirm in his seat- its funny

ezria wear me


  1. Sneaking out vegan date

Although the date didn’t actually happen, it’s just too cute that he set up a date at a vegan french place ‘I really love you.’ that’s what he said. Cute right?

ezria vegan

5. Who makes me feel safe

lets just say that Ezra started really nice and somewhere in season 5 or 6 we don’t even know what happens. In this scene its Ezra isn’t present there but Aria tells Spencer that she turns to Ezra in times when they are difficult and who makes her feel safe. I think somehow  or the other we all are in search of someone who makes us feel that way- be it a friend or partner.
(I could not find a picture for this… sorry) but it happens when they try to sneak into Radley and look into Sarah’s room.


What are your favorite scenes? Who do you ship?

Let me know in the comments below.

Keep Smiling Always.



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