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You Should Check This Out!

So if you have any doubts about the menstrual cycle, sex, reproductive system, confidence any random query that you have and you feel too embarrassed to ask anyone I have a solution for you. Over the past few days I have been particularly obsessed with these two things. One is a website and another is an app.


The website is calledย Young Womens Health


This website as the name says it helps young women. But in general you can literally find any topic that is associated with sexual and mental health. You may have visited other sites when you have doubts on the body, but here the different thing is they have the most detailed description that you can ever find. It has pros and cons and the process and everything that you can need to know about any particular topic that have in mind.


I would suggest that you check it out.


The next thing is there an app calledย EVE

Now this is something that I recently discovered and it’s so cool! It is an app that you can track your period cycle. Now there are so many apps that do the same but the difference here is that they have a community of users. Now in this community you can post or ask the weirdest questions and no one ever cares, in fact the to your weirdest queries you can find an answer. It’s so cool. There’s not not much judgement and you get to learn a lot of things.
I hope that you find this somewhat useful in times of need.

Keep Smiling Always



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