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4 Tips to help with PERIOD CRAMPING

Before I start I want to make a disclaimer, I am by no means a doctor but I just want to share what I know and my experience with this sort of medication.


So, it’s that time of the month, more than fearing leakage which could lead to the worst embarrassment-  we all fear cramps.

Some of us get them before we even start out period- an indication for the onset of

Some of us suffer with it through the cycle.

Some of us cannot move.

Some of you (lucky ones) don’t ever have them.



We all have found our own secret to relieve cramps, whilst for some a hot water bag will help for some it will only subside with medication. Although medication helps we are not completely sure about the side affects in the long term. 

So here are some home remedies that I can suggest (I can’t say that they would 100% work but they are not harmful)- they work ease up the pain. franch oil

1. If you live in India- you can find this herbal oil called Franch Oil that you can find in medical shops. Apply this to your lower abdomen and around your navel. You can expect results as quick as five to ten minutes. It can get a little sticky- so if you would choose after this to have a warm relaxing bath, it would be great.


2. Also castor oil is sablack teaid to be effective. You can try the similar method mentioned above.

3. My cousin once said that black tea  would help to ease cramps.


4. Another guilty pleasure item that you can inddark chocoulge in is Chocolate. We all love to have a good bar of chocolate during our cycle. The best kind of chocolate that would
help you is Dark chocolate. You want to see that your chocolate contains about 70%-80% unsaturated coco. This kind of chocolate also helps in keeping moods up and gives a little more energy.


What you don’t want to do is….

DO NOT Have COFFEE– I know that many of us start our days with coffee and while it’s great for energy, the caffeine in the coffee can only upset the cramping more. So stay away from this for a few days. Try the alternatives.
STAY AWAY FROM SATURATED SUGAR –You also would not want to have other kinds of chocolates- stick to dark chocolates for the moment.


What are your coping mechanisms? Do let me know in the comments.

Keep Smiling always



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