Autumn Red Lips

The past few days Chennai has been blest with beautiful rain, it’s lovely. To say that I am excited for the winter and colder months is an understatement. We all want a break from the heat and I would like to imagine that I love somewhere else where seasons change and Britney from BritneyandBaby posting a Pumpkin spice mug  just made me want the weather to change even more. I have never left the  country at all but I can imagine that my favorite season would be autumn – there are just so many colours. And it’s also one time of the year when you can rock the deep reds and oranges and yellows and mustards and it’s completely legal.


I really like autumn-ish weather but I really like seeing the autumn lookbooks and red lips and festive makeup. Red lips has been popular from the time of the egyptians and gained most popularity during the 1960s. Gone are the days when everyone thought that women wore red lips to get attention – (seriously so many articles only say this). Today we are at an age where we wear something because we want to.


So Go ahead and bring out those deep reds, crimsons and pumpkin oranges and rock those lips Girl!

This is my Red for the season

From Gaga’s red lip to Ms swift’s which are you?

Keep Smiling Always



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