Girl Talk

Love Doesn’t Kill




First it was Swathi, now it’s
another girl in some college. Two families devastated. The only reason to kill, ‘I Loved her.’ A love that took two lives, a love that left people speechless, a love that was heartless. Question is; is this love?


Young men today are becoming more unacceptable towards rejection, that is what that’s leading to this inhuman, cruel destruction of life and families. Killing is morally wrong, and both the crimes committed were not simple ‘I poison you, you die in your sleep’ kind of death. Reading the cases you can see the anger and the vengeance both the parties held. All for the sake that the girl did not reciprocate his so called ‘love


I would surely blame the cinema industry for this kind of actions. With all due respect to the actors, but when you have a local, rowdy boy falling in ‘love’ with a rich girl way beyond his reach and the movie showing that you can manipulate the girl fall in love – raises false hopes in the other public making the uneducated, unreasoning crowd to believe that this will also happen to them.


But you can also see that in this kind of movies the boy does some deed – something that the girl feels it is important and values and then she kind of changes her mind. You don’t really have people just falling in love just coz it’s a one sided way. A one sided love will not sustain at all.


Whatever it is, whether a girl says no or your parents disown you; you have no right by any way to take another life. That cannot be justified in any way. Also you did not kill with affection- I mean what kind of love do you have towards the other person that you took so much joy and pleasure to see the person you were so in love with wither in pain. That is not love that is vengeance and anger that you do not know how to channel.


Our country should hold classes in anger management for young people. If young people are going to go on the basis for ‘An eye for eye’ the entire world is really going to blind. And this is not blindness, it’s taking a life; you will wipe away an entire generation.


Women if you are reading this or me too, teach the people around you that violence and self harm is not the answer. Channel it in another way like boxing and martial arts.


Do right guys.



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