#WhatIAte on a train trip

Recently I went to my grandparents place and the travel by train is about 9-12 hours (not quite sure), We left at 7.45 a.m and reached at 2.00 p.m. Usually during train travels you are meant to buy your own food or bring what you want from home. But this train is one of the specials, its an all a/c and they provide food and snacks. Of course it is a bit more pricey than the other regular trains, but the food is good and you can have a much relaxed travel.

Since this train starts in the morning before breakfast I decided to capture a few pictures of the food they provided us on the train. I only remembered this after the morning coffee and breakfast; so ill just tell you about that.

Firstly we Indians need our morning news paper  so they had two options- one english and tamil. Along with that at this time they gave us a one litre bottle of water.

Morning Drink- Coffee/ Tea/ Milk with a couple of biscuits.

Breakfast- Pongal(rice made with ghee and some spices), Uttapam (its like rice pancakes), Chuttney (mint&coconut), Sambar (dal curry), Vadai,  A couple of slices of bread, Butter and Jam.

That was a really big breakfast and it was good too- You know how people keep saying that train food isn’t that great but this was not so.

So this was when I realized that I could write a Blogpost on this.

Mid- morning Drink- Now the other times when I traveled they have had mango juice. But this time they decided to give us grape juice. img-20160908-wa0001

The next was lunch and before lunch the appetizer.

Soup with a couple of breadsticks and butter and pepper and salt.




The one on the top left is Dal, the foil is a couple of Chappattis, the other curry below is paneer masala (my favorite) and then there’s rice but it wasn’t plain rice it was a bit of pulao kind of thing. This is absolute comfort food.

Amidst all this eating and sleeping a  lot of the time for me was spent being awake and trying to read a play for my college. A book really takes away the boredom and you can be to yourself not expecting someone else to entertain you. img_20160904_090321

I had the play on my mobile. It would be nice to read no matter what medium you choose to do it in. Another very obvious essential is music.


Hope you enjoyed this post.

Keep Smiling Always



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