Daily Prompt: Pretend

The immediate association that I am able to draw upon this word is something that a professor in college was talking about the other day. This brings me to the idea of the super ego- I have studied psychology in undergrad but all of that memory flew away through my airheadness. What my teacher said though is that as we grow older we begin to wear masks- in order to please others, in order to fit into a social circle, in order to find acceptance. ย It is no longer about US and our happiness rather the pleasing others; and according to my father ‘You are only happy when you please others.’

The act of pretending is widely practiced today. We all want to pretend to be like our favorite actors, models and other people whom we value the most in our current state of mind. Of course there is no harm in pretending to be someone else- how do you know that they are not that person in reality- they could be pretending for all you know.

That being said well all learn from pretence rather we call it imitation. A child learns from imitating its parents. We learn a new language by imitating words and sounds that are foreign to our palate. ย Pretence is educational.

The question we must truly ask is where does this pretence stop? There is only upto a certain time that we can pretend to be someone else or do something that is not us. Your inner ideas and thoughts will come through- that is originality, that is who you truly are. That you is the one that is most valuable because it is the one and only YOU that is available in this entire universe.

Keep Smiling Always



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