One Love, One Direction

Hey guys,

It’s late in the night and I am on a bit of One Direction high for the past couple of days and since in one of my earlier posts I had mentioned that I would explain this some other time. So this is this it.


Just to give you a little look at how I have been spending the last few hours, and it’s way past midnight here, I’ve been watching THIS IS US. I haven’t watched this in a long time and was getting a lot of memories from the movie so decided to watch it.. One Direction is the only band I know and almost the only kind of music I listen to. Annnd I have got a lot of disapproval from family and I know I drive my friends absolutely crazy by constantly talking about them, but you know what…. I DON’T CARE…Im just too much in love.

One Direction Midnight Memories
One direction. Midnight memories


(In this post when I say One Direction, it also includes Zayn)

When I say that One direction is the only music I listen to is because I never understood english music before and even now I really don’t understand the other music. By not understanding, I mean that I do not really connect with the others that My friends have suggested, I would listen to it for like a few days and then would go crawling back to One DIrection songs. It’s like Home and comfort. I just instantly connect with their songs and as weird as it sounds and I have heard many people share the same feeling, It’s like they are singing to you and hopefully someday maybe, just maybe I would like if someone said these words to me. And why so much doubt you would ask, well coz it’s maybe never going to happen, these boys have set up a really high standard.


It’s not just the music you know, it’s like you know for sure all of them are genuinely nice guys. One of my friends, she and I became friends because of One Direction, she also once said that “You don’t really know them.” I don’t believe that, I mean every person/fan who meets any of the boys say the exact same thing, that they are such amazing guys and nice and respectful and all that. I mean nobody can be false to every single person they meet or there will be different experiences you know. After a point you know, although you haven’t met them in person or had the chance to see them perform or so, you just feel like you know them and you have known them. And I’ll tell you what they are not ordinary guys, they are something special.


Being in India, and One Direction have never been here in all the four tours this wasn’t a country they have visited. And if that wasn’t bad enough there’s a very slim chance that One Direction will ever perform in chennai even if they came to India. That’s just the downside of living where I am. For fans like me the tour movie, the concert film are something to cherish.


I was lucky enough to go to the concert film when it came out. I took my cousin with me (he isn’t a fan, he didn’t like it) it was the best thing ever. The film was the closest thing to a concert that I may ever experience. There were people in the theatre who held flashlights during LittleThings and all of that. Yes, of course the crowd was all of under fifteen year olds and I was like the lone twenty year old sitting there and having the time of my life.


I really want One Direction to come out with new music and get together. It’s been a hard year for all of us Directioners, but you cannot fail to acknowledge the people that make this so much easier. The fan clubs who take time to make a montage of stage moments and interview moments making me remember why I like them. They make me Insanely happy.

If someone asked me who is my favorite person from the band- first of all that’s just not a right question to ask cause you cannot choose alright. The only thing I can say is I knew or identified Harry first I guess and then I just loved them all together. But also- not to forget I am scared of Liam. He is such a nice person and has a big heart but when I started following One Direction Liam had a buzz cut and I associate buzz cuts with army men and they can be a little intimidating so that’s one reason that I am scared of him. But I have never not liked any one of them.  
All I would like to say is that maybe only a fellow directioner will understand what this means. It’s hard to explain and I think in the most simple terms I Love ONE DIRECTION with all my heart and there’s nothing changing that for a really long time. No matter what my family says and others say, they are going to always be there in the happy parts of my life to make it happier and the sad parts to make them happy.


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