Watercolor Painting B&W

Hey guys,  hope you all are doing well.

I recently started using watercolors in my drawing classes and this is the second picture that I did using it. Watercolors is much more easier to use than acrylic colors but of course both of them are completely different in technique, medium everything.

DISCLAIMER: This drawing is a replica (or so I have tried) of a picture I found of google images. This is may painting but not my imagination or original work.

Watercolor Black and White Painting
Watercolor Black & White Painting Girl


This was part of the abstract paintings that  my drawing teacher wanted me to try. Although this is not completely abstract- its much easier to not use skin tones and try to find a match.

Materials used: Any convenient paint brush/es, artists’ grade watercolors, handmade paper/ watercolor paper/ canson sheets and water

Colours used: Black and water to reduce the value.

Brand: Camel Artists’ Water Colour Cakes-  18 Shades.

Have you guys used watercolors before? What are your opinions?

Keep Smiling Always.



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