Aloe vera gel is said have amazing moisturizing and healing properties for the skin and the hair. Hence aloe gel, mainly the ones from the house plant is used as homemade remedies to scars, acne and burns. Aloe gel taken straight from the plant is a clear gel and has a gooey consistency. You may feel the tackiness of the gel not fully leaving the skin or the skin feeling a little bit oily after a few hours of application. But if you have an aloe plant in your house, you know for sure that the product that you have is 100% natural. In today’s busy world, most of us cannot afford to spend time to extract the gel from the plant and being in the concrete jungle that we are- we cannot grow a plant. Hence the best choice for us is to get a ready made tub of aloe gel that someone else has extracted for us.

I use Nature’s ALOEVERA GEL- MOISTURIZING BEAUTY GEL. It has aloevera extract and peppermint oil.

Nature's Essence Aloe Vera Gel
Nature’s Essence Aloe Vera Gel
Nature's Essence Aloe Vera Gel- A little goes a long way
Nature’s Essence Aloe Vera Gel- A little goes a long way




When buying aloe gel in the tub format, it is not really possible that you find a 100% natural product. Most of the gels available there is in a green shade mainly easy identification between cucumber gel and aloe. So when you are searching for a product, it’s best to go for 85- 95%; you know it’s genuine.


So here are 7 ways in which I use aloe gel.


  1. Treatment for Sunburn

Aloe gel does not naturally contain SPF so it cannot be considered as sunscreen. But it can be used as a cooling gel for the sunburns and calm the skin from the redness. As aloe gel is in gel format so it gets absorbed much faster by the skin which helps the skin heal faster.


  1. As a moisturizer

Aloe gel is great moisturizer as it hydrates the skin so well. Since it is a gel, it does not feel heavy at the same time is a great energy boost in the morning.


  1. As a Primer

Aloe gel is a nice base for your makeup as it helps the foundation or even the eyeshadow. It helps the product stick on quite nicely and also helps the product stay on for longer. So if you use this as a primer you have moisturizer + primer in one.


  1. Makeup Remover

Using a thick-ish layer of aloe gel either directly the skin or a cotton wool pad and just rub it over and it helps to break down the makeup and also leaves the skin feeling refreshed. This helps very much especially when you have to take off mascara or smudged kajal.


  1. Sanitizer

Aloe gel has natural antibacterial properties and so it can be used as a hand sanitizer.


  1. Reduce redness from skin

Aloe gel has properties like some acids help in anti inflammatory properties that fight swelling and redness. The enzymes in aloe also help in fighting the germs to prevent the recurrence of acne.

One of the most common type of irritation that we face is bumps and redness after shaving and razor burns.


  1. Leave in conditioner

After a hair wash, you can just add a little of the gel throughout the hair or at the tips or where ever required and once the hair dries you can feel that the hair feels soft and well nourished.



Have you tried using aloe gel? What are your experiences? Let me know?

Keep Smiling Always.



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