Maybelline LIP Gradation by COLORSENSATIONAL – Under 500/- Product of the Month

Hey guys,

As a college student, I am always on tight budget living of my the pocket money that my parents give me. As a result I am always on the search for the best available product under the 500/- capsule. This is in no way an easy task ( I am a choosy person). Another perk of being a college student specially when you are in Chennai is that PEOPLE STARE generally and more so if you wear makeup. So in order to prevent unwanted attention and still be able to wear makeup, I tend to go for the most natural looking daily wear products, that does not tend to be obviously visible show.

Maybelline LIP Gradation by COLORSENSATIONAL
Maybelline LIP Gradation by COLORSENSATIONAL


This month I picked up the Maybelline LIP Gradation by COLORSENSATIONAL in the color Mauve1. I was on the lookout for a nude lip which had a more brown undertone. This lipstick does the job- it not entirely brown like coffee brown but it is pinkish nude with brown undertones. It works well as a nude for the Indian skin tone.


This is a double ended product with the lipstick on one side and the other having a smudger like sponge applicator. This smudger is present to achieve the gradation look. Lip gradation is a much recent trend that is said to have started much earlier this year but I only just have heard of the concept. Gradation of the lip is basically when the darkest shade of your lipstick is present in the center of the lips and as it moves outside the color reduces (kind of an ombre in reverse). In my opinion the lip gradation effect is not the most suitable the Indian lips as most of us tend to have pigmentation on the outer corners of the lips and wear lipstick to hide the same. Yet I would say that this product works good as a lip pencil to define your lips or use it as a base to layer any other product on the top.

The product itself is matte and applies smoothly. There is significant transfer of the color in the first swatch itself but if you need a little more coverage, a second/ third coat would help hide pigmentation without making it look like you have a lot of product on. There is not much of transfer after application is done there by making the product a little bit kiss friendly.

Maybelline LIP Gradation by COLORSENSATIONAL
FIrst one is one swatch vs two swatches

Since the product is matte it tends to get a little dry especially after a few hours. So make sure to use a lip balm to moisturize before application. The color lasts for about 3-4 hours-ish with light eating and drinking. But do not worry the package is highly travel friendly, so you are good to pop it in your purse and take it for the night.

I really like the packaging- the color of the product inside is quite similar to the color of the tube (I believe that there are eight shades in the range). The tube is matte with a black cap on one side and a transparent black cap on the side of the smudger. The tube is not filled with a lot of designs and kept simple with just the name of the product on one side. The best part of the product is that it has a twisty, retractable stick on the inside. The product itself does not have any fragrance or flavour to it which is so much better. ย 

Pros of the product.

  • The price (500/- on amazon I ย got it under 500 in a store)
  • The color application
  • Sturdy caps
  • The matte finish
  • The staying power

Cons of the product

  • The shelf life
  • Dryness (understandable since it is matte)

Keep Smiling Always



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