My Fitness Journey

A few years back I was sitting in the back of my car and looking out of the window, there a came a speed breaker on the road. The car jumped. Along with the car I felt my tummy jiggle. That created a black mark in the way I looked at myself in the mirror and felt about myself. That was when I decided that this pooch had to go.

Earlier, when people used ย to talk about fitness and workouts there were only two options to do them- one you go cycling or walking or jogging and second you go to the gym. With the first option, I knew that was not the most conducive option for me. Being in a city like mine, a girl wearing gym wear and running down the road is not looked at in the best way ย aka there are creeps on the road. The next problem with working out outdoors was that I am not a runner- I get breathless and uncomfortable and eventually I think I get a little embarrassed to go look like a sweaty pig catching my breath on the side of the road. Next would be that the roads here are not the most workout-friendly. Also for the life of me I cannot get myself out of bed in the morning and go for a run when all I want to do is to curl and sleep.


With a gym membership- there are people who don’t really want to spend for one. People like my sister would say that gyms are not the best as the effect is lost once you stop going- you know you stop once you think you’ve gotten to a shape to how you want to see yourself and then you stop working out and then you all of sudden have this massive weight gain and you seem to be consuming more food than ever- that kinda stuff. Also in a way I would say that gyms scare and intimidate me- I mean you are probably surrounded with people with incredible bodies while I will be there trying to do one push up (hopelessly may i add). Another thing that scared me is the gym equipment. It’s not that I heard any story of someone getting seriously injured, but I guess it’s common sense that if you do something wrong with the equipment you could end up with serious injuries. Also my mum really did not believe that I would be consistent in going to the gym.


So with all this I didn’t have any idea how I working out would be possible. Any YouTube channel who did home workouts did not have beginner level workouts and were just not motivating enough and I did have massive pain for a week after doing one video. So that didn’t work-out well. Finally I found Lucy who I found when I was watching a video on Anna Sacconeโ€™s channel, She is just amazing. She has the perfect videos for beginners. Annnnnndddd guess what she didn’t use any equipment. In spite of this, I struggled to find motivation to do workout on a regular basis. For months I would workout for like 10 days then sleep for the rest of the month.



October 2016 came and my cousin who is 38 years old suffered a heart attack. My dad had a heart attack at 50 years of age. The age at which my cousin suffered an attack dropped massively. That did it. If I didn’t kick myself in the butt and start taking proper care of my health, I would be in for a nice surprise. It was just something that made me push myself and do some exercise every day. By this time it was almost a year since I had first decided to start working out, but as I said it was very on and off. In spite of that I was getting compliments from friends and family or rather getting noticed that I was looking much fit. Just imagine if a few days in a month was helping so much. Think about how much a constant amount of time everyday would result in.
That was the beginning to where I am now. I am by no way at the place where I want to be. But it is a journey and one that I am thoroughly enjoying.

I do want to write a post separately on how Lucy’s videos helped me. Do you have any experiences on working out?

Disclaimer: picture from google pictures

Keep Smiling Always



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