Valentine’s Day

If any of you follow Tanya burr (which you obviously do), she did a deep reddish color on her eyes, more on the smoky side. I have only one eye palette and I felt that one color in the palette, that I felt looked similar. Now bear this in mind that this is no where in quality and any of the other categories even close to the one that Tanya used. It was just that the color that she used reminded me of the color that I have.

Valentine's Day Look Attempt #valentines #day
Valentine’s Day Look Attempt

I hope you are having an amazing valentine’s day.


Disclaimer: I feel that my disclaimers are more than the post itself. Anyways, I do not own a lot of makeup- that means I don’t own almost any at all. So excuse the lack of contour and concealer and the dark under eyes. I also realized that taking selfies is so hard, no wonder people take so many pictures to get to a perfect one.

How did your valentine’s day go?

Let me know in the comments.

Keep Smiling Always



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