Handbag Essentials for Summer

        So… summer’s here. And guess what….? The heat’s back in full blast – well not yet actually but we are going to need a serious game plan to survive this heat. On contrary to the rest of the world, summers in India, Chennai for me are not the most romantic. If you have never heard this saying before ‘India has three seasons, hot, hotter and hottest.’ And that’s in no way joke, if the heats manageable the rest of the year, during the summer its another level of disaster. These are some of the things that would help if you had in your bag. 


No makeup – As much as we all love makeup, the heat isn’t the best friend to makeup. As an Indian girl, I can’t really sacrifice on kaajal and eyeliner; but the other a full face of makeup shabang, that can take a back seat. As gross as it sounds your skin needs to breathe and let sweat come out, if you don’t you’ll only be clogging all your pores which would result on bumps and pimples. Reserve the makeup for that special occasion or the evening


 If you absolutely must, go for the bare minimum. You also really do not want your makeup melting through with a full face of makeup.  


The outside is pretty harsh, so you’ve got to make sure that you will be as cool and airy as possible. Here are some things that you might want to carry in your bag to make sure you are safe.


Stay hydrated : Carry a water bottle wherever you go. Even if it’s empty you can refill. Staying hydrated is important to maintain optimum temperature. You also get so many messages on watsapp and other social media to drink enough water to stay away from chicken pox and heat stroke and other such things. The most important remedy to survive this heat is water.

water bottle summer handbag essential
Summer handbag essentials


Wear cool – Cotton is the way to survive in this heat, ditch those jeans and other heat absorbing fabric. Stay away from figure hugging clothes, you need enough room to breathe. Another tip would be to wear light colours and avoiding dark colours would help you stay cool.


Sunscreen all the way – Staying in the sun means getting burnt to a crisp. Unlike the rest of the world we here do not want to get tanned. Don’t harp too much on fairness but it’s important that you keep yourself safe from sun inflicted skin problems. I use the Lotus sunscreen, this has a gel consistency and it seeps through the skin and stay unlike regular cream sunscreens that would wash away with sweat. It also has SPF 50 which is needed for a place like Chennai. Carrying sunscreen with you if possible would be ideal as you can top it up during the day.

sunscreen for skin protection
Sunscreen is an absolute must in the summer


Umbrella – scarf (Dupatta): I started using an umbrella because I started arriving in the peak of the day at like 1 in the afternoon and walking in the sun took a toll on my not only by burning me to a crisp but also draining me out energy completely. Since then carrying an umbrella has become a staple in my bag.

umbrella and scarf
protection from the heat

Scarfs are helpful in helping to prevent radiation reflecting directly on the skin. But this is also an option if you can not really carry an umbrella if you feel it’s too heavy or so.

Perfume: I would not suggest the regular kind of deo or perfume to top on sweat. But if you could get your hands on natural perfumes such as sandalwood oil, youd prefer that so much more. These kind of perfumes/ oils let out more fragrance as you sweat more and the smallest amount is enough to last through the day.

Check out my post from last year on the same topic.

Let me know how the summer where you stay in the comments below.

What are your tips and tricks to survive the heat?

Keep smiling always.




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