Review- Spinz- BB Brightening & Beauty Talc

Spinz- BB Brightening & Beauty Talc

(I wrote this review a while back and I did not take a photo of the product, and now I lost the product, it just kind of disappeared on me. So the picture here is from google images.)

Hey guys, another review here (whoop whoop) I really like doing reviews, if you couldn’t tell. This product is mostly only available in India – unless you decide to ship it to whichever country you are in. Anyways let’s get on with it.

Image result for spinz bb talc

I think this product tried to bridge the gap between a BB cream and a regular Talcum Powder becoming an in between. In India a lot of people use talcum powders, and I think this product took to combining the best of both worlds. Its not as ‘white’ as talcum powder would be and its not greasy as a cream product would be. 


Claims: Instant Glow, Covers Spots and Blemishes.


The box that I have here is a sample size that came with a magazine that my dad is subscribed to. I did see an advertisement to this sometime back but never saw the product in stores. So I was pretty excited to see this when it was there on the dresser. So for a sample, the size of the product is decent.


Packaging: The box is pretty basic and works- that’s all that matters. The colour of the box is like the colour of the powder inside. The photo on the box also has a picture of a compact powder and I’m guessing that’s what they wanted to show (although a BB cream is not foundation). Everything else is pretty cool.


Fragrance: Floral, doesn’t linger around.


Texture/ Look: The powder does have a tint, kind of a sandalwood colour. The feel of the powder is quiet fine and soft and blends out easily.


Use: I mainly use this in my under eye area and I do see a difference as it  does add some brightness to it. I do not use it on my entire face – that’s not my style. It does have very mild coverage, so many spots especially dark spots. This product is also not sweat proof, so for the chennai weather it’s not the most suitable for a staying power. Apart from the sweat- it does stay for a few hours. Apart from that there’s not much of a purpose.


Final thoughts: It’s a good product to try out, especially for a beginner makeup enthusiast. It is a cost effective product, a little difficult to get a hold of but it’s available online for easier availability. It isn’t sweat proof or water proof though.


Keep Smiling Always,



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