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Hello there, I am Amanda and I welcome you to my little space on the internet.

 Just a little introduction about me, I am currently doing my masters in English literature and hope to go further than that in the next few years. My relationship with literature is an on&off romance; sometimes I absolutely hate it and sometimes I love it- well… isn’t every relationship a bit of the both?

As some of you would remember from my last ‘About me’ page, I had mentioned that this was my third attempt at blogging and this has been an amazing journey. So all the people out there who take the time to read and spend some time on my blog- A huge thank you to you guys.

In this space I earlier wrote about different things- as youre supposed to do as said in the ‘Things You are Supposed to do in the First Six months of blogging’, I guess it’s time for a makeover and write about what I know and eliminate all the other unwanted pages and topics. On the whole I enjoy writing about films- as reviews,  makeup and share some of my art work.

I love makeup but the only problem is that they are expensive and I really don’t have much money to spend. Therefore in this category I want to start a series, watch out this space to know about that in the future. I will also try covering skin care under this.

Over the past year of writing in this space I have notice that I enjoy wrting about food. I am not necessairly the best chef out there- I cant cook to save my life; but I do enjoy writing about the food I have when I am out with family and friends. Although I thought food blogging is much easier to do on instagram. You can follow me there to check updates.

They always say that maintaing a blog if you are an artist is helpful as it motivates you to put effort into the piece. Only recently have I posted a few pieces of my art wort. I am an artist- I rather say amateur artist. I paint a little with water colors and acrylic paints. I do a little bit of portrait sketching- I’m terrible at it. A new found interest is Handlettering and Faux calligraphy. You can find my art on the projects section of my blog.

There is another talk zone here- Coffee chats– this space is literally for anything else. Well, you and I have to wait and see where this goes on.


Love you,

Keep smiling always


Artist by passion, literature student by the world

Coffee lover, photographer and friend


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. I can absolutely relate to your “this is my third attempt at blogging!” This is probably my third as well as I find myself enjoying it and then quickly dropping off with posting, reading, and communicating in the wordpress world. Keep it going – keep on blogging!

    https://periodicalmusings.wordpress.com/ < my blog if you'd like to check it out sometime!

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