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Life Update

Hey guys, hope you’re all doing well.


I’ve missed this spot. But before I get onto why and where I’ve been this past month, I just wanted to shout out a huge THANK YOU  to the you guys who have taken the interest in following my blog helping me to reach 50 follows.


So now to the story as to why I’ve been MIA this month. This month we were supposed to do an internship which earns us 3 credits for my degree. As a result I was on an internship about 3 hours away from home and in a hostel for the first time ever in my life. This experience has been pretty crazy.


Being three hours away was nice as I could come home on the weekends and have some home cooked meals. But every weekend that I came home in the last month I came back with severe allergies and skin issues which required immediate medical attention and altogether a change in lifestyle.


I intended to blog much more than usual during May, thinking this ‘being away from home’ time would be rejuvenating and help in inspiration. Bhoy… I was wrong. I got off work late and did pretty much nothing other than stare at the empty beds opposite mine in my hostel room. To be the cherry on top, the hostel did not have WiFi. So having my laptop with me like usual to write was not an option. Trust me when I say this all I used to watch from my data connection was Alfie Deyes’ aka Pointlessblog’s daily vlog. That’s pretty much only how much my data would sustain. So forgive me for not blogging this month. God I missed it so much.


I still have one week to complete this internship, then I’ll be resuming to normalcy. If any of you can answer this it would be lovely, would you like to see a room tour of the hostel I was on or a what’s in my bag post as I actually had a handbag that I was using and carrying essentials in it.


Let me know in the comments below.

Keep smiling always


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Lonely, not so much 

Sat alone, you can hear it coming,

Creeping in, laughter loud and clear

Sucking happiness away from you.

Screaming at it, does no good

Screaming for help, no one hears

Yet you feel yourself getting lost, falling.

A hole of darkness it is

where light is rarely seen,

sounds are rarely heard

yet – it isn’t an empty space.

It’s a packed with people

Too scared to talk or move, enduring

Silently hoping one day this will be over.

You there, smiling

saying it’s in your head

Stop it.

It’s not for attention

It’s not for sympathy

Love’s all we need.

Coffee Chats

Letter to Friend

Dearest friend,

Hey, I know that you mean well and you have the best interest for me, but you have to understand from where I am coming from. Over the last couple of times that I have met you, you have been amazing and I love spending time with you but sometimes you really make me question my decision. For all the times we met, for the most part over lunch, I can’t help but say that you made me feel uncomfortable by over feeding me. The first couple of times when you did that I accepted because I didn’t want to hurt you, but now it’s becoming a custom or dare I say a mission of yours and that’s something that I’m not comfortable with.


I get from where you are coming, saying that I should eat without restrictions but you should also know I am not restricting myself- I’m just being disciplined. I enjoy eating healthy. It makes me feel good, it makes me feel clean inside. I do assure you that because I eat healthy does not mean that I do not indulge in chocolates and junk food but they are only on prescribed times- just to give me a motivation and celebration.


Eating clean is by far the best decision I have made too. My skin feels better, I feel better and the entire system functions properly and plus I maintain a healthy weight that pleases me very much.


It’s easy for you to say ‘You shouldn’t be conscious of your diet at this age.’ with you ideal body of small and thin stature,  but when you are on the receiving end of clothes not fitting because you are not of the size, when you walk past a reflecting object and see your ill figure- that’s when you’ll understand how it feels to be ‘fat’.


It’s been a process for me to understand and come to love my body- I still haven’t reached a point of satisfaction  but you feed me so much that i am beginning to hate myself for even encouraging you. It’s been a work in progress of over two years to be at the space that I am at now and I beg you to not take it away from me.


You need to understand and know that everyone’s body and metabolism is different and that I am not on the fortunate side of high metabolic rate as you are. Hence even if I eat what you eat, it’s going to show in a ugly way. I don’t want to look at myself in the mirror and feel sorry for myself every single time. Please do understand that.


I am happy with the way I eat and what I eat don’t for a second think that I am starving myself. I feel content and a sense of achievement when I eat the way I eat. I am happy for you that you enjoy eating and enjoy life to the fullest. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t – i just have a different way of doing it.


Hope you understand.

Lots of love


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Reaction to Zayn’s Fan art Appreiciation

zayn artzaynThese are two drawings done by fans.  Zayn has transferred them to a canvas and sent a hand written note

I saw this last night and I felt it was one of the most beautiful ways in which one could encourage other young artists to follow their passion. This takes me back to the old days of  One Direction from the second album, when they had a live stream where they showed a few art works to the boys and if you see closely Zayn takes many of them to have a closer look and appreciates the effort  put in by the artist. The next big thing that Zayn had done in this way is creating a fanart album and adding not only submissions but also the ones where he was tagged in (at least this is what I have read off). I don’t also think a lot of people know this but, there was once this artist who tweeted Zayn asking him to notice his drawing and Zayn not just noticed but also kept it as his twitter dp for quite sometime. To me what makes this act even more special is that Zayn is an artist himself and he knows the effort that goes behind each drawing, so taking time to appreciate that is quite special.


This could be nothing for some, but for aspiring artists it means the world. Selecting the pictures and getting them on a canvas with a personal message takes thought, time and effort.


Zayn you are amazing and thank you for reaching out to your fans and making them feel special.

Keep Smiling Always


p.s. these pictures were taken from google images, but I saw them first on instagram and twitter.

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Rainy Week

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The past week or so, Chennai has been blessed with beautiful climate which rains in the night but not so much during the day, yet at the same time just enough to not let the sun shine through. Although we should be thankful about for the rain, as we are a parched land for the most part we still decide to curse and complain about it. So today I want to identify some reasons why we hate the much needed rain so much.


1.Slushy Roads

It does not matter if it rains for hours together or five minutes at the minimum, you can find water stagnating all over the city. The water is a combination of sewage, dirt on the road and all the possible excretes from the human and animal body. I know this is a very ugly picture to  imagine but it’s the truth. I do not understand what is the idea behind building such roads.


  1. Insensitive Bikers/ drivers

In coherence with the first point, many bikers and drivers remain insensitive to the pedestrians on the road. They love to go in the full speed possible, drenching the poor pedestrians with the disgusting water on the sides of the road. Have a little respect! If you have taken the effort to get ready to head off to an important meeting so has the other person. You do not have to make the other person’s life more difficult by staining and exposing them to all the germs possible.


  1. Cold Cold Cold.

Chennai has this tendency, or could be some really scientific reason not too sure, to get chilly with the onset of rain for a couple of days. And you will find the people who were complaining of the scorching heat complaining about the cold also. We just cannot appreciate the few chilly days that we get without having to go to Shimla.


  1. Humidity

This could also be a really scientific reason, but many times there is humidity along with the cold-ish weather. This makes the place stuffy and closed, like unable to breathe kind of scenario.


  1. Clothes problem

Since we dry most of our clothes in the natural dryer aka the sun, when it rains most of us are in a fix over our laundry schedules.

SO hows the weather in your country? Are you a sun person or a rain person?

let me know? Leave a comment.

Keep Smiling Always


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All The Bright Places – Jennifer Niven; A Review


This is another book from the Zoella’s W H Smith book club selection. (Read the review to Girl Online ) The first time I heard about this book was when in one of Zoe’s favorite videos, sometime last year after their family holiday. I remember Zoe mentioning how she couldn’t put the book down until she had finished reading it. At that time I did not have any thoughts that I would like to read the book, until she mentioned it again in the Book club selection video. I decided to give into reading. Also, funfact I have recently enjoyed reading teen-fiction or Y/A literature.


When we take the idea of teen romance and teen fiction, at least to me, it looks all rosy and presents a life without any glitches. I am aware that there are writers out there who focus on teen problems but considering the numbers my guess is that it is pretty small. Lets face it that we are all in a way hoping that we would marry our high school sweethearts and have a fairy tale ending honestly we all want to disappear into a fantasy world for at least a few hours. . I thought this books would also be along the similar lines, but SPOILER ALERT this does not have a happy ending.


From being in a literature class I have read a few stories and poems by people who were mentally unstable, but none affected me as much as this book about a mentally unstable boy. All I can think since I finished reading is that Finch, it didn’t have to be this way. Finch to me was an enjoyment to read. It was just in his basic nature to care about the people whom he felt mattered the most to him, he just did anything that made them smile. And yes we do not see much of his interactions with the other characters but the sole person whom he interacted with is enough to understand that he is an absolute gem of a heart.


Finch’s character from the beginning teaches you a little by little about being a person with a mental illness although it is not diagnosed completely diagnosed. All we hear about Finch from the initial chapters is a ‘he is a freak’ or ‘he is someone with problems.’ The thing that stuck out the most to me were the chapter names  themselves Day 6 (still) being awake, to me or for that matter any ordinary person this just seems weird, for me personally I think as to how a person can be awake for six straight days or is he sleeping or how much is he sleeping.  I do not even know that this can be real symptoms of a problem, but what it teaches you is that the people who have such problems are on the constant threat of ‘missing-out’ on life. You never know when they are are going to blank off or even if they are going to wake up at all.


Finch’s diagnosis of being bipolar comes with his incapacity to handle the truth which leads to his death. Something that the books points out is that the lack of affection or concern shown by his family. To him they are just someone who comes and takes off. Violet even questions if anyone cared about his presence in the house. I guess this kind of reflects the position of almost the entire current generation, as parents are too busy to check with kids and are often unaware of the the child’s activities or behaviour pattern. To think of this is actually kind of sad.


We see as although Finch deals with his own problems he guides Violet on the path towards happiness. Violet is an example of the fragility of human emotion.The mental breakdown she faces after her sister’s death is an example of various people who take time and in many ways require a special someone to help them do the things they once enjoyed doing. One of my favorite lines which Finch says to Violet is “You need shoving not pushing.” This shows him as someone who is good for her.

One thing that I think we all will notice is that Finch and Violet did not start on the happiest note, but as Violet was finding her way back into a normal life; Finch fell deeper into the hole. From a personal point of view, I wish we could have helped Finch..
To me Finch’s character is acts on two levels of educating. 1. Educate parents to not ignore your child under any circumstance. Parent involvement in the mental and overall well being of the child is absolutely important. 2. For children or young adults or teenagers who could possibly read this it acts as a method of showing that it’s normal to feel different, all you have to do is to let the people around you know what is going on.   

For me Finch’s death affected me deeply as in a way you can say that I was angry and upset that he did not for a second think about the people he is leaving behind. To all young readers and anybody who thinks on the similar lines; suicide is not the answer.

Have you read the book? What were your reactions? Let me know in the comments.

P.S in case you notice that I have just spoken about one character or event, i tend to talk about factors that have affected me the most from the book. I am yet to learn to be completely objective.

Keep Smiling Always


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Girl Online : Review


If any of you are Zoella aka Zoe Sugg viewers, you are in the right place. Ever since she announced her First book Girl Online I wanted to read it. Two things stopped me from doing so, 1. I was not sure how the pricing would be in the Indian market and if it would be available 2. I do not read much myself. So with these things looming large,  the thought of ever trying to search an e-copy or anything of that sort never occurred. As most of us are aware the book also became a scandal ( I am not sure what it was about) but again there are sources who just like to pick on others who are doing well for themselves, none of which I want to address because when I read it, it was in support of Zoe and her efforts.

As you may know I am not a person who reads much, in spite of being a literature student. To me reading was only was what I had done when I was younger or what was prescribed to me in college syllabus, something which for the most part was heavy with a lot of full lines and pesonally difficult to understand. I grew to hate having to read books.

If you have been watching Zoe’s channel you will be aware that  Zoe’s book club picks are out. It only took that video(kind of) to make me understand that I wasn’t reading what I liked and to be honest, did not quite know what I liked. From this video what I took back was that I like reading Young Adult literature or Fiction, not quite sure what its called. To me at least the recent books that I have read in this genre are light hearted and easy going college romances. No complications. So I took one of the books from the eight picks and read it. Guess what, I really liked it and enjoy reading it too.

So that’s when I decided to give Girl Online a shot. Let me be honest with you guys here, i got a free copy in an e-book format. I know this is not the best way of showing support to someone you admire, but with the above said reasons, an e-book was the best option. I know, guilty, sorry.

So having done with the introduction, lets talk about the book. When I got the copy of the book, I saw the page numbers and it was long. So naturally I never thought that I would finish it in a week let alone finish it in the speed I finished it.

The book to me stood out in friendship and bringing light  the often brushed problems faced by teenagers. The book gave me so much more insight into anxiety, than any other article, anxiety guide manual could ever provide. Anxiety was one of the things that learnt was a serious issue faced by youngsters and people around the world, yet it is looked own upon or not given the importance it has to be given. So Penny and Noah taught me it was alright to be anxious, but not alright to let anxiety to overrule you. My guess is that the techniques that Noah teaches Penny in order to deal with attacks is something that Zoe also uses in real life, so that all of those who suffer the same may find some sort  of relief too.

I loved Penny and Eliot. I mean who wouldn’t want an attic room and secondly who wouldn’t want a best friend next door with whom you could share knocking-codes. They are just the #friendshipgoals kind of people. Someone to hold you in your lowest moments and someone to laugh at your craziest jokes and someone who would join hands in cursing/talking behind their back of evil people. The milkshake scene was the best.

In line with Penny, it was lovely to get to read her blogs.Being in the  shoes of a beginner in the blogging world, Penny  taught me that,its literally alright blog about anything, write from your heart kind of vibe. These blogs in a way took me back in time to when Zoe started her blogs and that kind of style of writing. In a way I was able to connect Penny to Zoe and it felt that you always knew her from the start.

Being the internet sensation she is, Zoe has decided to add in some Youtube- famous drama in this book. Noah shows how you can ‘know’ the person, yet really not know them. Which is how YouTube to an extent works like, I mean You know about the person, but you don’t really know the insides of the life, all that other that what they choose to share. To me Noah is your average guy who rose to fame with his amazing talent yet stays uncorrupted by the worlds ways.

I do not want to address if this book was something that is meant for serious reading or so but all I want to put forth is that this book takes you through the journey of a teenager who meets her first love and helps deal with life. It is something that you should enjoy reading and have a laugh.

After Meg says favorites in which she mentioned this book, I felt it was necessary to address the fact that this book presents to be a guideline for the younger-online generation, where you can see the effect of the online world on a young adult.

Hope you find a chance to read this book.

Keep Smiling Always.


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24 , A Movie Review


This Suriya staring sci-fi movie takes tamil films from this genre to a new level. The story in simple words can be said as a few people trying to manipulate time for their own well-being. The director has used the popular human fascination to be be able to time jump or control time and created a simple story with complex characters. Suriya stands out as he yet again plays not only another twin pair but also a son.

The director has worked very well with the design team which results in creating an alternate universe for the audience. The opening scene showing the castle shows the dreaminess and fairy tale element that the director wanted to retain throughout the film. This almost sets the tone for the movie, fairy tale like story. Yet the character of Athreya  proves that every fairy tale requires a good villain .

Athreya is a character well played and could be one of the special ones played by suriya in the span of his career. Athreya is not driven by money or any materialistic needs but just the pure need for the possession of a super natural capacity of time travel. This is ranked above his value for human life which leads him to murder mercilessly. The character of Athreya, stands out where he impersonates his brother in the future trying to win the heart of his nephew(technically). Here it can be seen as pure experience in pulling off Athreya impersonating Shivkumar but at the same time retaining that evilness of his parent character. The character of Athreya is also someone who shifts from drop dead gorgeous good looks to wheelchair paralyzed look. This transition is also done fairly smoothly with the coordinated work of the makeup team and the actor himself.

The other two characters played by Suriya are straightforward and much less complex in story line to Athreya’s characterization Shivkumar is a scientist who loves what he does and somewhere wants to contribute to one of the greatest inventions of mankind, a time travelling machine. He is happy with his wife and son and all of what you can expect from a basic scientist. Mani is a happy go lucky kind of guy upon whom this responsibility of protecting the watch suddenly dawns upon. He is this regular next door guy who takes up this device to have a bit of fun in his love life, nothing too dramatic. His character shifts from playfulness to seriousness in a blink of the eye.

The female characters in this film are not challenged with much dimension expect for Saranya who as a young girl decides to leave home to care for another’s child. Samantha is your typical female lead who adds to the entire package to increase cuteness to the film (ain’t her fault though). Nithya Menon in the film appears for a very short time, shorter that what the audience would have liked to see her. Needless to say the film is controlled solely by the male characters.

The director definitely leaves a number of questions unanswered through the course of the film. The fact that an ordinary watchmaker could make an improved design of the watch that his father, a scientist took a very long time to create is rather funny. And this kind of trait cannot be passed just through blood.
Another question that the director leaves unanswered is the actual motive behind the creation of the time travelling device. There is no prior story to this or what they want to achieve after this invention. The audience is just shown that this could cause danger in a untold way.

The audience are also left clueless about the reason behind Athreya’s evilness. His motives or past life is not shown leaving a mystery that has to be unfolded by the audience.

Above all  the presence of the eagle is an big question. Eventually when you see the movie it is understood that Shivkumar also has not made the watch rather it is due to the eagle feather that dropped in the solution. The involvement and the presence of the eagle is questionable.

The director must be applauded for number of songs  he decided to include in the film. Or at least the songs were weaved in so effortlessly that they did not feel unnecessary.

Overall the movie is a good introduction into effortless depiction of sci-fi movies into the tamil industry.

Keep Smiling Always.


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I tried making a heart with coffee powder… Didn’t

Hey Guys,

Hope you are all doing well. How is the weather in your country? It is spring in some countries and summer is starting in some countries. I hope you guys are enjoying being n the sun. If you would prefer more intense, sweaty heat; you are absolutely welcome to visit India. The summer here just gets too crazy. Its way too hot to do anything. Just to give you an idea it touches upto 40 degree celsius in most parts of the country. So summer here for us is a really sad time to be honest.

Anyways, I was wondering, how many of us over here love coffee? I think a majority of the people in the world love this beverage right. But it struck me that in every place we have our coffee so differently that when we say coffee, what does coffee actually mean? From my understanding of watching PLL(Pretty Little Liars) many like it black, just coffee with water. That’s intense. I have rarely seen people add milk or as you would say cream to concentrated coffee mix. Or even if they would add it would be very little.

My perfect coffee would be strong, but entirely with milk. I do not prefer watery tea or coffee for that matter. With a little bit of sugar, just enough to even out the bitterness. My experience with black coffee would be an after phase, which came after watching Shahid Kapoor’s interview where he described his perfect coffee being black with two sugars(hopefully I am right) this was from a long time back. I began drinking black coffee, following the steps of my favorite star. To be honest I do not think I ever became too addicted to drinking it that way. It was always way too hot and I would burn my tongue, I preferred cold coffee, especially with the heat over here drinking something hot on a hot day was just not in the agenda. And then I also happened to realize was that I did not fancy tea a lot was due to amount of water it contained. So that was the end of my black coffee days.

Overall coffee is just an amazing thing. On the contrary to people becoming high on coffee, it does nothing to me. I can drink loads of coffee and still fall asleep the next second.

So guys what is your coffee take/style.

Also guys… as I am writing this I just read that HARRY STYLES DONATED HIS HAIR!!! I shall do a separate post on that. But right now this information has to settle down. Let me know if you like One Direction and what were your reactions.

Keep Smiling Always.


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Well for starters today I don’t have coffee today but tea. I love coffee but today I went for tea. coffee chats tea

Today’s evening snack was cake and tea. Kind of an odd combination as tea is sweet and cake is also sweet. But individually they both tasted really good.

I just wanted to give a mini review on these cakes. They are by the brand called Winkies, which is such a cute name and this was in the flavor chocolate. My mum bought this from the stores the other day and it was literally over in a matter of minutes. The minute you open the packet the aroma fills the room and it feels like good chocolate.. you know? The cake is already sliced and they are big chunky slices. I don’t know if you have seen this but some cakes have really thin slices and its like they want to show that they have a lot of slices with lesser quantity. Also the cake itself, is so finely packed, each granule is so close is the other makes the cake so dense. Overall it is a delight to eat it and for the price, Rs.30; completely worth it.

The tea is something I make every evening for my family. I don’t drink it myself coz I really don’t like something so watery. Let me know if you want the recipe to the perfect (almost) tea. Over the years I have gotten better at making it and quite proud of it though. One thing I’ll tell you if you are from London or so, the tea here is very different from what I have heard.

This week for me has been quick and a drag at the same time. I am on holiday now so, there are no fixed timings to get up, no rush to get ready and no where to be. Although I thought that I would get an internship or so, but that didn’t happen as I got rejected in the others and one got back and then interviewed me and then didn’t get back. So I am kind of stuck at home. I am not liking it a lot. It is burning hot outside so that’s kind of a plus point to not work, but I thought I’d be able to earn a little. Sadly that isn’t happening now. Next month is application time for my Post Grad courses. Hope that goes well..

How was your week guys hope you had a lovely week and an amazing start to your weekend.

Keep smiling always